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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Fire Emblem Three Houses will include options for same-sex relationships

For those who so desire, you'll be able to pair up two ladies or two blokes in Fire Emblem Three Houses

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Tharja would have liked this in Awakening.

I took it as a given since they included the option in Fates.

PAOerfulone said:
I took it as a given since they included the option in Fates.

To be honest, I didn't even know there were same-sex options in Fates until my 3rd playthrough, they were so sparse. I mean good having them I guess, but the choices were pretty ramdom.

Anyway, great addition, though I'm more interested in the quality of writing than the existence of the relationships themselves. Romance has always been a part of FE, but Awakening and Fates didn't really impress with the quality of writing in the supports. Some were great...others were just four bland skits that ended with characters getting married. I'd much prefer a few well-written support choices rather than the "anyone can screw anyone" option of Fates/Awakening. But we'll see how this game handles it...obviously more options are better.

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More like Bi-leth, amirite? But in all seriousness, this is nice to hear. Now if only they'd have same-sex NPC-NPC pairings. I guess this deconfirms any child units appearing from the pairings, unless they went some sort of adoption route, or perhaps a magic-based route. I for one continue to welcome the shipping simulator elements.

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Hiku said:
Tharja would have liked this in Awakening.

Score one for LGBT!! :D

Claude you better be one of those guys!!! Because Im choosing you when I do the Golden Deer Route!!!

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Wait, there's sex relationship in this game once you fill up the support gage ?

Anywoo, neat.

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Wow, that's gay.

This may be a little too political for my war game.