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Forums - Sony Discussion - Should the Touchpad, LIghtbar, and Motion sensor stay in the Dualshock 5?

The PlayStation 4's DualShock 4, is the first major overhaul to the brand's flagship controller since its introduction in 1998. It featured redesigned Triggers, a mono-speaker, a clickable multi-touch pad, and a light-bar that can be used in conjunction with the PlayStation Camera, as well as a means to identify player number for local multiplayer. Because many PS4 games are on other platforms, these features sometimes go under-utilized, as you won't find a trackpad or gyro sensor on an Xbox One controller.

With the PS5 looming, a new Dualshock is inevitable. Should the new controller do away with the DS4's added features, or should they stay and be refined? IMO, it makes more sense financially speaking, to build on the DS4, rather than once again redesign the controller. If PS VR will be on the PS5, then they'll surely need to keep these features for VR. I think the only thing I would change, is reducing the size of the light-bar. I think the current size just looks needlessly large.

I think the DualShock 4 is a fine controller, and its features like Motion and Touchpad have their place. With Gyro aiming being popular among Switch/PC owners, I think Sony needs to incorporate it more into their own games, and encourage third parties to do the same as well.

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To me, DS4 always stays the coolest controller of this generation among other platform controllers like Xbox one controller because of the features u mentioned above, so I'd say keep them all.

Gyro aiming and it'll be fine.

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Perhaps they'll go with IR sensors instead of a light bar next gen. Motion will probably stay. Touchpad maybe.

yeah. else some games will just be not entirely playable

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If they are going for BC next gen, most of it will probably stay. Be a real kicker if they add BC and then some games just don't work because the menu is on the touch pad or something. :P

Hmm, pie.

Touchpad is fine, because it's basically just used as a massive button you can't miss. Or two buttons (left/right side) in some cases. So maybe it's actual function is pretty worthless, but as a button to open up the map I really like it. xD

Motion sensor should stay, most games might not make use of it but there are exceptions, dreams and vr titles. The Light bar should also stay as long as it's necessary for some functionality in games, as people have mentioned the ps5 will be backwards compatible so taking out any functionality from the controller would make it incompatible with some previous software.

The light bar should be made to turn off in games that don't use it though, and a separate low power led should be used to tell you when the controller is turned on, searching, connected etc. Seems a waste for the light bar to be wasting energy while I'm playing Spider-Man and it's pointless.

The touch pad is at the very least a extra button, and there are some other uses for it as well, so Im fine with it.

The motion sensor/light bare are VR related right? it might not be nessary to keep those, if you make VR needed controllers to sell with VR headsets.

Why not? The more stuff, the better. Though I wonder if gyro aiming is ever going to become a standard on consoles outside of Nintendo's motion control schemes...

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I guess those features will have to stay but I'm having a hard time thinking of PS4 games that used any of those features in a great way.

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