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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Switch now has over 2400 games

A new (and pretty awesome) Switch software trailer was just released, with a counter at the end declaring "over 2480 games and counting" for the hybrid system.

It really is quite remarkable how dramatically their marketing -and indeed their entire situation- has improved since the dreary days of the Wii U

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The Switch's library may rival the PS2's when it's all said and done.

Marketing is much easier with a good product on hands.

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I love my Switch. I just wish it had Kirby Air Ride.

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And this is why curation is really important.

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Mr Puggsly said:
And this is why curation is really important.

Yep. eShop really needs a ratings system. At least we can check the top sellers lists and mostly see quality games. 

Only at 1630 released games according to the Wikipedia list. That's a huge discrepancy even with unreleased games. Sounds like PR bullshit.

Using Wikipedia as a primary source.

That was your first mistake.

Give it time, that page is going to update with a new sentence that states something along the lines of, "As of July 2019, the Nintendo Switch has over 2,400 games." And it will use the video in the OP as its source.

The number of Switch games ain't really a secret since all of them are in the eShop.

Of course there are some minor regional differences.

In the US eShop there are currently 2366 Switch games listed,  2256 of them now available:[platform][0]=Nintendo%20Switch

In the German eShop there are currently 2292 Switch games listed, 2197 of them now available:

You can also filter for retail Switch games (to exclude indies and mobile ports). There are currently 291 Switch games marked as retail versions:

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