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Forums - Politics Discussion - Extra Credits produces most downvoted gaming video of 2019? 'Stop normalizing Nazis'


Will there be a more down-voted (ratio and total votes) gaming video in 2019?

Yes 1 100.00%
No 0 0%

Fits in both gaming and politics discussion. Will someone else be able to take the wokest crown in 2019? 

Stop Normalizing Nazis - Socially Conscious Game Design - Extra Credits

'Historical and current political context matters in game design. Don't treat Nazis and terrorists like they are just one of several morally equivalent character skins for players to try on. Rainbow Six Siege is just one example of a game that includes thrilling PvP mechanics without normalizing morally wrong ideologies.'

92.5% down-voted with 170K votes total / 30K comments (!) / 609K views / channel is loosing 18K subs over the last week

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Something will be more downvoted, we still have plenty of year left. Though 90% downvoted is quite a percentage, it might be the most disliked video in that regard.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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There are still five months left in the year, someone will do something equally or more ridiculous by years end. Unfortunately, this lunacy will be surpassed.

Yeah that video failed in what it was trying to achieve.
I feel mildly bad for them,this was a pretty poor way of bringing an distorted view across but it is not like the channel is full of videos like this right?They can learn from this and move on.

Makes me wonder if the video was downvoted because people don't want politics in gaming or if it was downvoted because people took offense that nazis aren't equally acceptable.

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