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Forums - Sony Discussion - Change of game distribution from Sony idea


Would you like to change the distribution model?

Yes, I would appreciate l... 0 0%
No, I like to play all at... 4 100.00%
HW freedom is what I want... 0 0%

Here I'm again to ask about the opinion of the fellow charterz.

This time about a point I have discussed a lot with some friends, but haven't seem it on VGC.

How would you feel about Sony making all their AAA games available day one on PSNow (and to make sense on the increase of public independent of the HW), but changing these games to episode ones. So instead of you buying a 60 USD AAA game at launch (or discounted years later) to have access to a game that have been sliced into 12 parts or so to fill out the whole year (won't cover GASS, infinite update game, MP, etc here).

This way all the SP games from Sony would be spread out, in a way that every month you would have like 2 or 3 new different episodes from 2 or 3 recent games (of course most wouldn't be aligned since the first episode of each would launch in a different month). You could of course wait for the last episode of just the game you want to play and download/play all in a single month (together with older games) but that would be similar behavior to someone that today wait for the bargain bin so people that have this kind of patience and behavior aren't much of the concern.

Would you appreciate this change? How do you think it would affect the revenue for Sony? Would it have more customers because of it? Would they have a more constant revenue flow at a higher total amount?

Please offer your opinions.

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From a business perspective, it’s smart, but it likely won’t be recurved very well and wouldn’t pay off in enough new subscribers, imo

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I think at some point Sony just have to add their 1st party games at launch (as Microsoft does with Game Pass) if they want PS Now to take off.

What they're doing now, would be equal to Netflix selling their new series and movies as standalone purchases but still expecting us to subscribe to their service.

Split games into 12 parts? kill me.

That sounds absolutely horrible. I'd rather pay $60 for a complete game.