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How much more will Switch sell compared to PS4?

Switch will not outsell PS4 7 15.56%
500k-1 million 2 4.44%
1 million-1.5 million 12 26.67%
1.5 million-2 million 6 13.33%
2 million-2.5 million 5 11.11%
2.5 million-3 million 5 11.11%
Over 3 million 8 17.78%
TruckOSaurus said:
Good thread that was fun to follow throughout the year. If you eventually do a similar thread for Switch 2020 vs PS4 2017, can you post the link here?

Peak year vs peak year... although in the US, PS4 was comparatively weak in 2017, as it stayed under the peak of 2015

p0isonparadise said:
January 227k 284k (New Super Mario Bros U DLX) +57k Switch
February 405k (Far Cry Primal,Street Fighter V) 365k +17k Switch
March 330k (MLB 16, The Division) 383k (Yoshi's Crafted World) +70k Switch
April 175k (Dark Souls 3) 227k (LABO VR) +122k Switch
May 207k (Uncharted 4, DOOM) 216k +131k Switch
June 230k 329k (Mario Maker 2) +230k Switch
July 161k 252k (Fire Emblem) +321k Switch
August 160k (Madden 17, No Man's Sky) 241k (Astral Chain) +402k Switch
September 285k (2K17, FIFA) PS4 Slim 432k (Zelda) Switch Lite +549k Switch
October 235k (Battlefield 1) 309k (Luigi's Mansion) +623k Switch
November 1200k (COD, FF 15) PS4 Pro 1428k (Pokemon) +851k Switch
December 1568k 2036k +1319k Switch
TOTAL 5183k 6502k +1319k Switch

Third year for each in this comparison. Switch is ahead even with no major game releases but the most surprising is how little Uncharted and DOOM moved PS4's in May. 

Considering the long burner it has proven to be, you might add Ring Fit Adventure as one of the major releases.

But that was a great job, hope you will make another one for this year, too.

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LimaBean01 said:
MasonADC said:
Wow, the switch might end the year with around 6.5 million

lol great prediction, exactly spot on! :)

My predictions are never this good... I am baffled  

US, Japan, France, and Canada are the biggest Switch countries in term of software domination.