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Trine :


Tropical Freeeze : 

New Super Mario Bros Wii U.... nah just kidding.

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Ori and Rayman Origins/Legends

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Since no one has mentioned it yet, I'm gonna say Ori and the Blind Forest.

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d21lewis said:
Since no one has mentioned it yet, I'm gonna say Ori and the Blind Forest.

Yeah, that game is gorgeous. Surprising that it wasn't mentioned more.

I'm currently playing Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir and it has one of the nicest art styles I've come across in a while, and there's something about the animation I really like too. Are there better ones? Depends on taste I guess, and some of my other picks are already in this thread, but given the game is fresh in my mind (Due to, y'know, still playing it), I'm gonna' go with it.

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Owl boy looks pretty incredible on a large TV, the pinnacle of the style but I'd have to say and the scaling is mesmerizing but Ori is more moody and emotionally coloured even if Ori ATBF is not better I'd say Wil' o' the wisps will beat everything else on all fronts.


This a very tough question. Cuphead, Ori, and Trine are all great examples, but we could go on with more and more entries. I guess another one is Child of Light. There are several faults with the style, such as with the character models, but the decadent look of it is astonishing as well.

I forgot Gris.

West of Loathing.

Y'all can't understand the pureness of this minimalistic artstyle !

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Hollow Knight. Its both beautiful and atmospheric.

Other candidates for me are Rayman Legends, Owlboy, Trine and of course, Tetris.
Havent played Ori tho.