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Probably 1993 ... they released Star Fox which was a big deal, but the only other major first party game for the rest of the year was Super Mario All-Stars which is a compilation of older games. Of course, back in those days it didn't matter as much because Nintendo had such great third party support.

I actually didn't think 2015 was that bad at all ... Splatoon (biggest new Nintendo IP in ages), Mario Maker, Xenoblade X, Yoshi's Wooly World. 

2016 was bad but it also contributed to 2017 being so full. 

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Jumpin said:
N64 and Gamecube eras were significantly worse, IMO, because it was like one decade long drought. Wii U was a much shorter dark age.

During the N64 and Gamecube era it wasn’t a situation like on the Wii or Switch where “there’s no games this month,” but in fact there were 30-60 games that month, just nothing 5-star; N64 and Gamecube had months where there were literally NO new games released. I don’t recall the Wii U having this issue, there were always new games each week.

Another couple of issues. With a few exceptions like Donkey Kong 64, Zelda 64, and Ogre Battle 64: N64 games were generally really short and really expensive. Gamecube had the lowest number of exclusives on a Nintendo home console, ever, and just about all the rest were uninspired and lacklustre PS2 ports, usually with missing content or functionality.

N64 had Gameboy Color a companion and Gamecube had GBA, is not, financial terms and creative side, worst years, on the portable side. 3DS and Wiiu is the worst generation, creative and financial terms, for Nintendo. Only last 3DS years Nintendo, turn around, in the 3DS side.  

But, Gamecube is a worst stationary console, launched by Nintendo. In good macroeconomic trends, sells only 22 million was a disaster. Wiiu navigates a worst macroeconomic situation.  

Xenoblade X alone made both 2015 and 2016 worth it, I'm sorry for you.

TheMisterManGuy said:

 Meanwhile, the Nintendo 3DS was keeping the company afloat with its solid performance, but just barely, as it was also under attack by the popularity of mobile games.

 Meanwhile new management at Microsoft's Xbox started to change course to a more gamer friendly direction with Xbox 360 Backwards compatibility, and a bigger focus on securing indie titles.

2015, was a mess to say the least, but there were a few bright spots. Splatoon, a little shooter from the Animal Crossing team, became their most successful original game since Wii Sports, and gave the Wii U a little more time on the Market. Super Mario Maker proved to be a powerful creation tool for Mario fans. 

2016 was basically when Nintendo gave up. Star Fox Zero released after missing its Holiday 2015 launch to mediocre reviews, Tokyo Mirage Sessions was a censored, niche, mess of a crossover that had almost nothing to do with Fire Emblem or SMT. And basically the Wii U was all but discontinued in terms of Nintendo's support for the platform.

3DS didn't suffer from an attack by mobile games. 3DS was overpriced for what it was, and had a poor launch lineup. Had Nintendo just launched the 3DS as the 2DS XL model for $200, and had something more than OoT Remake for launch it would have achieved 90 million sales lifetime easily. 

MS has been in an even worse downward spiral than Nintendo for years now. 

2015 was decent. It had Xenoblade Chronicles X, Mario Maker, and Splatoon. 

Tokyo Mirage Sessions got great reviews from critics. It wasn't really a Fire Emblem, or a SMT game, but it was a great game. 

Other than those small nitpicks your post was great!

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The sentence above is true. 

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It's hard for me to argue with the feeling in the op. There's correct emphasis of the way the time was being perceived by most gamers. PS4's line up obviously had new 3rd party titles that gamers wanted. Wii U (I hate even saying that name gugh!!) Kicked my ass as a nintendo gamer. I thought I was going to skip the console until my gf convinced me to get it for myself. That's when ZombiU took me in... hook in mouth. Despite financial failure, i fell gaga for it and ended up loosing my interest as a gamer.

Financially 1995 may have looked safe, but I would say these are the years that DoOMed Nintendo's Home Console Brand. I'll give a drunken history: Nintendo and Sony were engaged.. then sony was all like "I wanna make babies on cd with you", and ninty was all "Girl! HELL NO!! I aint never getting married..." .

95 was hyped up to be the transition from "Super" to "Ultra"! Video Game Magazines wrote and spun a million ways about 3D!!1! It was going to blow our minds to play "Better than Arcade Quality" on your very own couch. But when 1995 came there was no new console after all :( Just the same SNES we been playing all our little lives.

"After 19 months of intense development, we have attained our two main goals for Nintendo Ultra 64: to develop a chipset capable of delivering the world's best video game experience, and to do it at a price that can deliver a hardware set below $ 250 retail," said Howard Lincoln, then-chairman of Nintendo of America. "However, we have made a conscious decision not to rush Nintendo Ultra 64 to market. Instead, we've decided to give our software developers additional time to maximize the power of this system in their game creation."

More here:

Instead, we got Sony Playstation, Sega Saturn, Windows 95, and Virtual Boy. In no particular order of suckiness. Windows 95 was a sleeper hit with truly amazing experiences only available to the master race. Playstation proved itself instantly as the Simba of the Gaming Jungle. Just that fact you could listen to your music cd on your tv with cool visuals made it the obvious choice for every child and adult in the world. I hated it! It was clearly cooler than anything out there. I was too die hard to leave nintendo for psone.

Nintendo Home Console Brand never recovered from this. The renamed N64, the unusual GC, the shameless Wii, the GUGH!! WiiU, all failed to be "cool". They are so uncool that it's an embarrassment. The consoles are in many ways the best of their generation's, just they all failed to build a long term customer base. Nintendo put a lot of work into disguising this fact, but they have exited the home console race. The switch lite proves that switch is primarily Nintendo's Handheld Brand. To display the game on tv is one of the features we gamers have asked of handheld's since the Gameboy.

And it all started in 1995.

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2005 - 2006 was a pretty bad time to be a GameCube owner. 2005 just gave us RE4, and Fire Emblem. 2006 was just Harvest Moon, and a delayed Twilight Princess (Which is more of a Wii game than a GC game.).

Nothing beats 2016 though. Mirage Sessions was the only good game for that entire year.

The sentence below is false. 
The sentence above is true. 

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Read these magazine articles from the 90's

For me personally, as a nintendo fan, it felt worst in 2011 after the 3DS came out and the Wii U had been announced. Add to that the fact the Wii had become a tiresome console in the sense that once people got over the motion control craze the Wii's sales dramatically slowed down around this time.

I think 2011 was the first time neither Nintendo's next gen home or handheld consoles appealed to me and I was really worried at the time that both were doomed to fail - the 3DS eventually managed to turn it around with an epic library so fair play but the Wii U was never able to do that.

These feelings were felt by Nintendos shareholders as well because around half way through 2011 the share price dropped and reached its lowest value in recent years in summer 2012:


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Marth said:
1963 - 1968 was WAY worse.

Completely agree, lowest stock price in the companies 129 year history.

In 1963, Yamauchi renamed Nintendo Playing Card Co. Ltd. to Nintendo Co., Ltd.[6] The company then began to experiment in other areas of business using newly injected capital during the period of time between 1963 and 1968. Nintendo set up a taxi company called Daiya. This business was initially successful. However, Nintendo was forced to sell it because problems with the labor unions were making it too expensive to run the service. It also set up a love hotel chain, a TV network, a food company (selling instant rice) and several other ventures.[11] All of these ventures eventually failed, and after the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, playing card sales dropped, and Nintendo's stock price plummeted to its lowest recorded level of ¥60

Such a string of failures! NINTENDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM'D before any of us were born.

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vivster said:
Marth said:
1963 - 1968 was WAY worse.

I'll nominate 1945.

Fairly crazy to think that in relative recent history there was an attack on 2 cities which killed nearly a quarter of a million people in 2 blasts, 75x more death than 9/11 around 10% of whom were military and the other 200k or so were civilians and children.

That's just 74 years ago... anyone in their 90s today was a teenager when that happened, it's not lifetimes ago. Scary stuff.

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