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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Poll: Is xbox game pass a system seller for you?


Is xbox game pass a system seller?

Yes 19 31.67%
No 41 68.33%

I ask this questions because a friend of mine who is a huge Nintendo fan went and bought an Xbox One S.   He was thinking about getting a PS4 for God of War and TLOU 2 but said the reason he didn't was because of Xbox game pass. There is a lot of games he missed and doesn't have the money to buy all the games he wants to experience. So my question to all of you is would you buy an Xbox for Xbox game pass to save money?

Personally, I can see it being a huge system seller for cheaper Xbox models. Those who just want to play a lot of games at a cheaper price. However, can't see it being a huge system seller for Xbox one X or new Xbox systems.

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I feel like these drive by, anti Playstation posts are just a tad too much.

Train wreck said:
I feel like these drive by, anti Playstation posts are just a tad too much.


Train wreck said:
I feel like these drive by, anti Playstation posts are just a tad too much.

woah what a hot take

LudicrousSpeed said:
Train wreck said:
I feel like these drive by, anti Playstation posts are just a tad too much.

woah what a hot take

I am not sure what he is talking about either.

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And no, not until it's more well known and popular will it be a system seller. The average gamer still mostly has no idea what GamePass is or how it works. Years after EA Access launched you'd be amazed at how many people still didn't know about it or how it worked. So many times I'd see people about to buy a year old Madden or Battlefield for $40 and I'd ask them why they wouldn't just get two years of EA Access for that price and have access to that game they were about to buy and tons others and they had no idea it existed.

If you already own an Xbox console then you know about it because they market it very well on the console and in the store. But new buyers, meh, not quite yet. Imagine what they can do for the next gen launch though.. if they manage to snag a big third party launch title on GamePass, that would be a major selling point. I already have GamePass Ultimate though most of 2021, so when I buy the next Xbox I already get Halo Infinite and any other MS launch game essentially free. It's incredibly pro-consumer. But still needs time. Maybe once older Xbone hardware gets very cheap.

Not for me. I have multiple Xbox One consoles and I don't even have Game Pass. I may jump on it soon, though. I want Gears V and Ori 2. They were already day one buys but I can play them with Game Pass and save a lot of money. What's not to love?

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Easily no. If they had games I wanted to play the price wouldn't matter.
And now that they are all coming to other platforms (Windows 10, Switch, hell Nintendo) I will never get another Xbox.

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Train wreck said:
I feel like these drive by, anti Playstation posts are just a tad too much.

You mean these " totally not made up stories " to make a brand look amazing and another make bad threads?

Everytime time i see "because a friend of mine ... etc etc ... look how amazing this brand is ... " , i call BS, sorry OP. i dont believe anything you said.

You wanted to make a thread about how great is game pass, fine, do it , you dont need to make up stuff IMO you made this all up , to " sell " your brand of choise.


I bought an XBO X after Phil announced all 1st party games would be coming to Game Pass Day One. Then after being extremely pleased with that, I bought a Windows 10 Machine after it was revealed that Game Pass and all 1st Party titles would be gracing those machines as well. Then E3 Rolled around and Game Pass Ultimate was announced, along with Ryzen 3 and RDNA, and now I am looking at gifting the PC I bought in January to my Bother, and building a next gen PC when everything goes on sale over the holidays. I also need to upgrade my 2009 laptop. If Microsoft Surface offers Ryzen 3+RDNA, I will be grabbing one next year, if not, I will find another brand with the chipset I want.

So, I have to say, at least for me, Game Pass is moving Microsoft related Hardware quite well.

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