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did you know etika was missing 5 days?

Yes 16 26.23%
No 45 73.77%

Never heard about him before.

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ArtofAngels said:

50k subs doesn't make you famous.

He actually had 845k subscribers and over 140 million views on youtube, until he got himself banned late last year (https://socialblade.com/youtube/user/ewnetwork/monthly), so he's definitely more well known then you think.

Rest in Piece, Etika He was without a doubt my favorite Nintendo streamer.


Hiku said:

I remember he alluded to taking his life a while back, deleted his youtube channel (I think) and disappeared.
People were worried, but when he came back he acted as if it was just a misunderstanding. But that, coupled with several other things, I thought was a textbook example of a cry for help.

And yet the psych ward released him after a week, apparently?
Sounds like they failed him. I read that some of his close friends talked to the doctors so they should have been aware of his situation.

People might want to look into potential negligence from the hospital.

I've seen some of his videos, and he seemed like a fun nice guy. A big loss for the many people who cared about him.

I get you. But my bet is that he agreed to make some changes in his life, seemed good enough for the staff and they let him go.

I dunno. At least that's what I'd like to think. As someone very familiar with psych treatment, that is usually how it goes. It ultimately depends on the patient if they think they can handle the situation. Of course, Desmond's case went too far, but still...

Still, very sad. Actually shocked right now. 

ArtofAngels said:

50k subs doesn't make you famous.

DonFerrari said:
Never heard about him before.


There's a place and time for every posts. Let's avoid posts like the above from this point on, they come off as very disrespectful to Etika's fanbase.

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RIP, Etika.

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R.IP. Etika.

1 of my favourite youtubers ;(






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Found out about him during the early Wii U days, been a follower on twitter and found out he has mental problems the last couple months or so(where I noticed all the weird posts he did), and been following the event of him missing, when they found a body yesterday I had the strongest gut feeling it would be him, and so the news early this morning confirms it, it really is just sad to hear someone you've been following for so long just passes away, rest in peace Desmond, and my condolences to the family and friends.


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R.I.P, I like this guy a lot

ArtofAngels said:

50k subs doesn't make you famous.

Famous or not, he is well known enough in youtube and a lot of gaming sites. Trying to play down a death, huh?

DonFerrari said:
Never heard about him before.

So why are you even here? To make an a**hole comment about a death?