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Forums - NSFW Discussion - Too much alcohol reduces the size of your testicles


How do you feel about yours?

Too large 7 23.33%
Too small 2 6.67%
Perfect 17 56.67%
They hang too low 3 10.00%
I wish I had some 1 3.33%

I came across the following article:

Researches discovered that too much alcohol can lead to smaller testicles.

I am happy that I finally found a solution to reduce the size of mine.

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I am skeptical of that site...

dont seep them so long.....

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I thought alcohol gives people bigger balls.

That explains alot

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VAMatt said:
I thought alcohol gives people bigger balls.

Na, it put's hair on them... as they shrink apparently. lol

kirby007 said:
That explains alot

I miss your Kirby avatar.


Finally, a reason to start drinking more :P

Heh. Well, I guess it's good thing I don't drink.

So there are benefits to alcohol after all. It's God's way of aligning people's literal ball size with their figurative size.

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Then why the fuck does my left one hang so low. Damn vein...