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sethnintendo said:
Mnementh said:


I'll listen to Bill Maher wannabe later.  All I know is he helped fucktard get elected.

You're getting really hostile and defensive at the idea of YouTubers knowing what they're talking about.

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A divided working-class is easier to control.

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You do know a lot of the dems are running on socialism?

It takes genuine talent to see greatness in yourself despite your absence of genuine talent.

Because the Dems don't have >90% of the mainstream media, Hollywood, the heads of intelligence agencies, the big tech giants, the fortune 100, the Bilderberg billionaires, all the war-mongering establishment "never-Trump" Republicans, the elitist Universities, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and pretty much every big bank decrying their every move. On the contrary, the Dems get re-sounding endorsements from all of the above and people are sick of the corrupt, sociopathic evil that we have seen from these groups. Trump hasn't been great about draining the swamp and going after deep state corruption, but when he gets hated so much by the most evil groups on the planet it's hard not to be a fan of him.

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eva01beserk said:
You do know a lot of the dems are running on socialism?


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I'm pretty sure Sanders also manage rallies with 15000-20000 attendees despite being in a very crowded field.

fatslob-:O said:
EricHiggin said:

Some on one side see DT as a Fascist and some on the other see BS as a Communist and/or Socialist. They're taking it way to far, and the further apart they get, the harder it becomes to work together until it's flat out impossible. If it keeps up and spreads then down the road it's either break up into smaller countries like Europe has over time, or another civil war. 

Personally I'd suggest if it seems the Dems won't beat Trump next election, then everyone who can should vote Trump. As long as the voting numbers remain fairly close like last time, both sides aren't coming back to center. Another close Trump victory will lead to another 4 years of the same. A YUGE win for Trump will force the Dems to come back and focus more on the center where they would be much better off anyway.

If the Dems look to be able to win, and do, then it's over for the Reps for a lot more than just another 8 years. If Trump of all people can't manage a second term, the right will likely forget about politics for good, which won't be good for anyone.

It doesn't even fucking matter who's at the executive branch because when we have a poster here from the last several posts exhibiting blind hatred who represents the American citizen then it won't amount to much when he's willing to overlook the flaws from candidates from his own preferred side at the end of the day ... 

A lot of people don't realize this but when opposition is trying to get rid of 'stupidity', it's been a recurring pattern to replace it with 'stupidity' as well because no one in their god damned right fucking mind can think straight at all anymore on either side of the fence! Much of the political commentary I see on here isn't meaningful at all since it's all flair over being sound and would be classified as being dogsh*t tier ... 

Well it's tough to blame the disabled, but on the other hand they do say loss of sight heighten's many other senses, so considering visually it really shouldn't matter, they should technically be better at making these kinds of rational decisions one may think.

I wouldn't necessarily disagree.

One also has to keep in mind that there's currently 23 Democrats running for the presidential office, while Trump is the incumbent and has only one opponent right now. Of course, with 23 contestants, everybody gets a small share of the whole democratic crowd. Let's see how the crowds for the democratic candidates look like after most having dropped out of the race.

Mnementh said:
RolStoppable said:

Nancy Pelosi shouldn't give people such ideas. I want the EU to become the world's greatest superpower, so we need Trump in charge of the USA.

For example, Trump's insistence on trade wars makes it much easier for the EU to strike good deals with other nations, because it's easy to be a better partner for them than the USA is.

10 years ago I would've agreed, I wanted the EU become a superpower. But with the current state of the EU, I am not so sure anymore. I want a multipolar world instead. And yeah, the US is in no shape to lead the world, regardless if Bush or Obama was in power.

One could argue that in terms of trade, the world is already turning away from small, individual nations, and into larger blocks, especially trading blocks for now. The EU is the most potent and well known one, but by far not the only such trade blocks. There are quite a lot by now:

Mercosur (most of South America)

Andean Community (The rest of South America)

CARICOM (Carribian islands plus Belize, Guyana and Surinam)

SICA (Central America plus Dominican Republic, kind of the spiritual successor of the Federal Republic of Central America)

EAC (East Africa, and includes the whole territory of former German east Africa (Tanzania, Ruanda and Burundi), plus Kenya, Uganda and South Sudan)

CEMAC (Central America, also a Monetary Union around the Franc CFA. A trait it shares with...)

ECOWAS (West Africa, though a couple of the countries don't use the Franc CFA yet)

SACU (South African countries. Also the oldest custom's union in the world, going all the way back to 1899)

IGAD (Horn of Africa)

GCC (Arabian peninsula minus Yemen)

Arab Maghreb Union (as the name implies, the Maghreb region in North Africa. Both this and the previous Union are part of: )

Council of Arab Economic Unity (pretty much the whole Arab world)

Eurasian Economic Union (most of the former Soviet Union)

With China, the US and India strong and large enough on their own, that just leaves south-east Asia, Australasia and some central Asian countries outside of trade blocs - and of course Canada and Mexico, which only get a free trade deal.

Mnementh said:
Srassy said:
I'd recommend looking at Charisma on Command or Scott Adams videos to demystify Trump. He's skilled at marketing and persuasion and you have to look at it through that lens.

The worst way to persuade people is to imply that half the population are morally deficient as some on this forum have implied.

Scott Adams predicted Trumps win beforehand after comparing his campaign strategy with his books, right? Yeah, it's quite possible that people claiming Trump is dumb may falling for an act or a strategy.

And Hillary Clinton did imply part of the population is morally deficient, and look how well that went. I hope the current democratic candidates have a better strategy than that.

Scott Adams is the author of the Dilbert series but the reason why I mention why his prediction of Trump's victory was because Adams is also a trained hypnotist so he was able to break down a lot of the persuasion techniques and why they were effective for persuading his base.

I'm pretty sure Trump's persona is partially a fabrication.  You see old interviews from him in the 80s and he's calm, quiet and well-spoken.  How do you get attention though when you're in a field of 17 Republican candidates though?  You act outrageous.  I think he's playing a wrestling character.