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Forums - Gaming Discussion - First-Person or Third-Person?


Do you prefer first-person gameplay or third-person gameplay?

First-person 15 27.27%
Third-person 40 72.73%

I prefer third-person because I can actually see the character I'm playing as, and I get a better perception of where I am or what's going on around me.

First-person does give you more immersion, but I feel that it works better if you don't really care that much about what your character looks like.

Which perspective do you prefer in gaming?

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Depends on the game; its a matter of choosing the right tool for the right job.

I wouldn't want to play Breath of the Wild in first person, but at the same time, making Metroid Prime third person would greatly diminish the claustrophobic immersion that defines the experience.

I will say though that for shooters, I usually prefer first person. I have enjoyed TPS games like Gears of War and Splatoon, but most of my favourite shooters are FPS.

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Different games, different takes I guess, but I admitedly prefer games where I can see my character instead of the 1st person view :)

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3rd person, by a mile!

Third person whenever possible. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy first person games and feel some games wouldn't actually work or feel right in third person (Doom for example), but yeah, if given a choice I'll always go third person.

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Heck, since everyone else is voting third, I'll vote first, as a protest vote against this current thing of "not playing it if it's first person, I have to see my character" (as seen with Cybperpunk 2077's reveal) which I personally think is tied a little too closely to companies pushing cosmetic microtransactions and lootbox skins.

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There should have been an either in the poll.

I also quite like those games that allow you to change your ingame viewpoint.

I voted first-person, but I really just like whatever perspective is right for the game. With that said, I greatly prefer shooters to be first-person.

Depends as I enjoy both. I tend to lean toward 3rd person however.

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I prefer first person but am open to third person view ...