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BloodStained: Ritual of light. 20 64.52%
Crash team Racing. 4 12.90%
Judgement. 3 9.68%
None of the above. 1 3.23%
I may have bias, I'm out. 3 9.68%

It dropped to zero big outlet reviews yet I've found a half dozen small creators who have reviewed it and had it early, apparently. Seems to be well liked but with glitches and personal taste being the main negative issues and the only real negative I have heard from these guys is that the camera attempts some platforming off of the 2d plane. 

I'd buy on these reviews alone but the targeted review schedule makes me a little apprehensive and I'm only allowing myself to buy either this or Crash Team Racing, both are cheap (40 euro) but together they elapse my weekly gaming budget by 10 euro and I've already bought Beat saber DLC this week. So, itz gotz to be one or the other unfortunately, at least for the week. 

Is it any good? What is your experience so far and is there a case to be made for not buying it?


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It's probably better to buy the game you know the name of.

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Guess E3 might have made it a lesser priority for the bigger sites

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If you're considering it for the PC then I will say that a friend of mine who got it on that platform was saying it crashed about 5 times on him.... but that it was a beautiful and really good game in spite of that. Does look really nice but the Switch gamers get to wait another week before we get to see it on the system, it's cool to see something that started on Kickstarted and ended as an actual playable game though! It's why I get extra enjoyment from things like Race the Sun, Yooka Laylee and the 8bit Bloodstained from last year.

(also I read the title of this thread in Seinfelds voice.... curse you)

Fancy hearing me on an amateur podcast with friends gushing over one of my favourite games?

I have the PS4 version, and I'm loving it. It's really good. I forgot how good it feels to play a good Castlevania game.
I was up late at night playing it, and now that I'm not playing it, all I can think of is getting back to playing it.
There's an insane amount of unique weapons and gear to use, and I like the customization options.

You can change the character's hair, eyes, color of her outfit, and when equipping certain gear you'll be able to see it on your character.

And they have shortcuts to equipment loadouts that you can change without going into the menu, which lets you switch between different styles of play immediately on the fly.

And there's Bunnymorphosis. Very important.

And piano.

Jim Sterling made a review that you can check out.

He said if he was still doing scores, it would be up in the 10s.

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They didn't ship out review copies, because they have a massive day 1 patch for it. So if you buy it, I'd say avoid getting a physical copy. Before that day 1 patch the game is ultra janky. Unplayable janky.

Even after the day 1 patch it is still kind of janky, but probably a good game.

Anyway, I'll wait for a sale on the eShop, and then buy it.

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Looks great to me, bite on it.

Kickstarter backer here. It's Castlevania in all but name. And it's great. If you like the Metroidvania Castlevania games (Symphony of the Night being the obvious one), then there's no reason you wouldn't like this. I hope they make a franchise out of it, to be honest. It's not like Konami is doing anything with Castlevania.

Also, I have it on Steam. It runs great. No crashes. And I'm running it in 4K at 60fps.

Bloodstained seems to deliver a Castlevania experience close to how people wanted it to be, so that concern can be put to rest. But since only the Switch version would be for me, I'll still have to wait a little while longer to read about its technical performance which is a big question mark. This might be this year's Dead Cells where a release is rushed out to meet a date. Significant difference is that Dead Cells was rubbish regardless of performance and that doesn't seem to be the case with Bloodstained.

Legend11 correctly predicted that GTA IV (360+PS3) would outsell SSBB. I was wrong.

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^ Aight folks, I bought it and have it installing, I'll probably end up buying crash anyway, haha. Gonna chew into now after some tea and biscuits. Cheers all, I wanted to know if there was some majour bomb I should know about and now that there isn't some review conspiracy isn't I'm all on it, looks (and sounds) fantastic.


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