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Forums - Sales Discussion - Sony Shareholder meeting: TLOU: 19m, GoW: 12m, infamous SS: 6m

Not sure if this was already posted but on some slides during a shareholder meeting some interesting information was presented about the state of Sony PS games. They feel they are underappreciated by shareholders even though their Single Player games are some of the top selling in the world. So obviously they needed this meeting to showcase some stats. 

The last of us almost sold 20m copies since launch on PS3. Uncharted 4 is at 15m. God of war reached 12 copies already.

Also interesting is how gran turismo and infamous sold respectively 8m and 6m copies. 

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GTsports is over 8m sold through.... hmmm.

Does Sony own a piece of Kojima Productions that we don't know about? lol

Edit: Nvm Sony is publishing it, makes sense now.

thats not from Sony itself !! and just look at the bottom:"Sources:VGChartz, company disclosure" :D

topolino227 said:
:"Sources:VGChartz, company disclosure"

Lmao :)
hopefully that 8m number is from sony themselves.

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This is a summary of Dan Loeb's assessment as to why Sony should be broken up (separate chip, sensors from entertainment). Most of this information is guesstimates (including information from this site)

Source ‘VGC’ lol.
Good to know we’re relevant though.

Anyway, I find that so annoying; No, not 19. No need to cheat with these numbers. 7 and 12. It first sold 7 and then a second release sold 12 (or whatever the breakdown is, too lazy to check). It’s like saying Super Mario Bros sold 75. One should at least mention that he’s combining two different releases.

I’m going to regret this last comment.

Wow, that's some really impressive numbers from Son-

"Source: VGChartz"

... Never mind.

As it currently stands, this isn't an official Sony document.


^ Ghost Of Tsushima 2019? Hmmmmm.

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