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Forums - NSFW Discussion - Being yourself is never enough.

Being yourself is never enough.

1. A man must prove his worth to others to gain social proof/acceptance to enhance social status.

2. A man has to go through barriers and hoops to attract women.

3. A man has to put in all the effort and risk humiliation of rejection and be labeled a creep or weirdo because he was brave enough to ask a woman out. 

4. Attraction is mainly based on physical looks, more attractive = more confidence = more social status.

5. No matter of game will change a woman's mind regardless of words, persistence or gifts.

6. People judge others mainly on their looks not personality or achievements in life.

7. The least attractive guys are the least popular members of society.

8. The most attractive men and most women are the most popular members of society.

9. Life will always be a struggle for unattractive men who may never attract a single woman in his life.

10. Self improvement does rarely changes things for an unattractive man because he has failed the genetic lottery.

I hate the fairy tale lies that people keep pushing as advice and that life will work out for everyone in the end like a Disney Fairytale/Hollywood movie
What annoys me most is the useless advice like take a shower, be yourself, work on your attitude, looks do not matter, etc.
We all all know they are lying and they get hostile when they get called out on their lies. Pushing useless advice that is false and the condescending, sarcastic or arrogant tone really gets to me and burns my soul.

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Still not over her eh?

And women have to go x100 more than that list

Sad but True
If you are good looking life will be much easier for you in some aspects

If you are bad looking than good luck because you gonna need it

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There's always hope.

I'm an unattractive, awkward guy with a face like a bag of potatoes, chronic anxiety and the social skills of a JPRG protagonist, and after a dry spell of nearly 5 years I've just recently started dating this really awesome girl.

All it took was that I had to keep putting myself out there, day after day, year after year, picking myself up and trying again after each failure, learning from each fuck up.

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This is truly a sad way to think. You've tunnel-visioned yourself into a pretty bad situation, my dude.

I found a guy on Youtube who has posted quite a few videos and his story sounds relatable. His youtube name is: Blue Skies Media and he is aged 35. He has only been in 2 relationships and his wife was killed 10 years ago, no dates and no relationships in 10 years. He claims that self improvement does not work, he hates the condescending useless advice most people give him that does not change things and people are judged mainly on their looks. He speaks out against the fake MGTOW insecure loser guys that tear people down to prop themselves up. The fake MGTOW are neck beards, that white knight and put other men down to try to win over women. Time and time again fake MGTOW are left frustrated and go home alone.

There is another guy on Youtube that claims to be a 31 year old Forever alone Virgin and he is a decent looking Irish guy but has had no friends and no social circles since the age of 14. He warns people not to end up like him and become miserable with life. He had an abusive childhood and well he pushed people away and did not make an effort to interact with others. It is hard to recover from an abusive childhood.

They are hopeless and depressed and they seemed trapped in their personal situation. They have no idea what to do to turn things around. They expose the truth that society treats people differently and it is hard to break habits and get out of a bad situation in life. They are socially isolated and avoidant that seems to keep them trap in their position.

They are both smart enough to understand that women must be attracted to them from the start and "game" and mind tricks will not work to win a woman over. Pick Up Artists have made a fortune pushing useless game that is useless for the majority of men. The guys must be attractive in order to effectively use game to attract women. If you are unattractive, using game will only make you look like an idiot. Confidence is gained by the acceptance from other people seeing you as being attractive. You can not fake being an attractive male to attract women.

Oh, another one of your self-pity threads.

What a nice service, it lets everyone else feel better with their own situations.

So, first you say a guy must prove that he is "worth" it and later you are like "it's all about the looks"

Most billionaires aren't super pretty, they showed that they have skill. Yes, skill helps you to be more successful. No surprise. Also confidence but you can have that without being attractive if you know that you are good in what you do.

If you aren't good in anything then...surprise,,,you want be successful.

And if you want to have success with woman just look for someone similar to you. If you are "ugly" but only look for pretty woman you might have it hard but then it's your own problem. You ask others to accept you like you are since you can't change your face but you don't seem to do the same. Nobody can tell me that he can't find a partner if he doesn't care about the looks (as long as your character is normal).

If you believe you are the ugliest guy in the room try it with the ugliest woman as long as she is a nice person. You are the one who says that the look shouldn't be important so stop searching for more attractive partners.

I love it how people deny reality and hold onto their blue pill fairy tale ending that rarely happens to unattractive males that wait, wait and still wait. Don't hold your breath on a woman that may change her mind if you act nice or in the friend zone. Friend zone is the dead zone that is a bad situation that she knows she can use you and give nothing back in return.

The cold hard reality is you must be attractive in order to attract women and the attraction is immediate through her accepting you from the start or not interested, through rejection or ignored. You can not fake confidence to gain attraction nor can you act nice for her to be attracted to you. The truth will set you free and there is no point wasting time on a dead end situation that will led to nothing.