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how physical are you?

0-10% 23 20.18%
11-20% 6 5.26%
21-30% 6 5.26%
31-40% 5 4.39%
41-50% 8 7.02%
51-60% 8 7.02%
61-70% 5 4.39%
71-80% 12 10.53%
81-90% 12 10.53%
91-100% 29 25.44%

Almost 100% regarding "big games".
Almost 0% regarding "indie games".

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New Big AAA games. Disk only.

Online games I can't get on disc, wait until an onsale.

Big games I have digital are were either given to me on PS+ but I have the disc also (Borderlands Collection, Bloodborne) or 50% or more off offers (Diablo 3, Dragon Age:Inquistion, although I bought this with the console and traded in my copy for a PSN voucher which paid for the GOTY edition. :P). If I could get Overwatch for £5 digital, I'd probably pay that just so I don't have to put the disk in all the time but at the moment I'm playing Skyrim (which I got for £10 digital), Dauntless and Overwatch so that disk remains in the drive.

My main issue with digital is simply that it doesn't have competitive pricing. Injustice 2 Legendary Edition is £48 on PSN, it was released march last year, you can currently get it for £15 in Argos. KH3 is on sale on PSN right now, £33, Argos? £28 and that's not on sale, it's just the price they are selling it, when the PSN sales ends, it'll be £55 again, no doubt. Considering you can't sell it and/or exchange it, it needs to be better pricing competitively but online stores can control their pricing, essentially fixing the price, they don't compete with high street or online stores as they don't need to.

Hmm, pie.

I am fine with digital, but streaming can eff right off

Within like five years I've gone from 100% physical to 100% digital. The convenience of it destroyed any sort of nostalgia I had for the old ways. I have no desire to have to carry around games or boxes of games ever again.

PC: ~1% physical
Console: ~75% physical

Would have liked the console number to be higher. PC, I have a lot of smaller games so I don't mind downloading them. Not a fan of downloading huge games, which my console games tend to be.

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Varies quite a lot per platform for me
Switch: 98% physical
Xbox: 50%
PC: 0%

The massive size of my PC library out weighs the other platforms pushing me well into a higher digital %.

My body is 100% physical, but I feel mind and sensation caused by bodily stimuli can be considered beyond physical.

In terms of owining exclusive pieces of plastic on which my video game data are loaded onto; I have not purchased any physical items besides consoles and accessories since the early 3DS era. Even longer for PC.

ALTHOUGH! When it comes to mobile! I’m STILL backing N-Gage all the way baby! 

I describe myself as a little dose of toxic masculinity.

91-100% has a lot. I guess a significant portion of people here don’t play Steam games and rarely play indie titles. Sad really.

I describe myself as a little dose of toxic masculinity.

On the Ps4, I'm 95% digital.

kirby007 said:
VAMatt said:
I buy physical most of the time, so that I can resell my games. But, I'm too busy to resell often these days. So, I think digital will likely get an increasing portion of my gaming spend going forward. If I'm not going to resell, I prefer the convenience of digital. With that said, I won't pay significantly more for a digital game. So, if the game is a year or more old, and I don't want to wait for a sale, I'm likely going to go with a used, physical copy.

Quite frankly even digital games these days are quite cheap if you keep an eye out 

Especially if you have a busy enough life that you got yourself a backlog. Don't have the time like I did when younger to play and beat every game coming out.

There are a ton of great games I could buy right now, but I have a hard time finding time to play games, so I'll just play the ones I have and snag the ones I want when they on crazy sales.