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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Atari VCS (Console) ready for preorder arrives march 2020 supports 4k

The Atari VCS 400 model has 4GB of RAM, and costs $249, while the 8GB 800 version is $279. A $389 "all in" version of the 800 console includes both a joystick and gamepad. The $49 classic-style joystick and $59 modern gamepad will also be sold separately.

If you want the most traditional-looking Atari experience, the version sold directly by Atari is your best bet, coming in a retro Black Walnut design. GameStop is getting the all-black Onyx design, while Walmart is getting a design named Kevlar Gold, with gold details on its front panel.

The Atari VCS runs an AMD processor with Radeon Vega graphics, and supports 4K video output for streaming video as well as for games.

More details on the Atari VCS and its features, games and hardware are expected later in 2019.


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Yeah, no one is buying this.

These poor sons of bitches. I wish it well, but that means nothing.

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I never would have thought of hearing or reading the words Atari and 4K in the same sentence, but alas it has happened.