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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Tango Gameworks (Evil Within Devs) Announce Ghostwire: Tokyo

The trailer looks super cool, but we really don't have any idea how it will play though. Wish we got to see some gameplay. The presenter for this game was awesome though. No consoles announced for this game yet.


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I do not like the look of that at all. It reminds me of when the Smooth Motion/CineMotion/Clear Motion setting is on on an HD TV, which most people confuse with high definition. Aside from that terrible look, I'm not that interested in my games ever looking like movies. I'm so glad the Switch and theoretical Switch 2 can't generate these kind of graphics, and that's not sour grapes either.

This trailer was so Japanese I had to wear my kimono to watch it. If it's a game where I can walk around lifelike Japan I'll probably buy it.

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the prevalence of pure CG trailers this E3 is very disappointing to me