Forums - Gaming Discussion - How would you rate Microsoft's E3 conference out of ten?

How would you rate it out of ten?

1 2 1.79%
2 3 2.68%
3 8 7.14%
4 14 12.50%
5 17 15.18%
6 26 23.21%
7 23 20.54%
8 10 8.93%
9 4 3.57%
10 5 4.46%

I'd give it a 5 tbh. Pretty meh, hoping they show more for next year.

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no poll?

PSO2 is nice.

I'm hoping it's not just XB1 and PC, though.

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Every game listed please. Watched F1 instead.

I give it a 3. 80% of the game announcements would be better off announced on Twitter...

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It was a solid 6.5.The worst part of it that most games were ones that were already announced.And the new games that were shown were leaked.

And even the new games and the ones that were announced just briefly in the past had very little gameplay shown.

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I think others might be more excited since they had about 60 games. I was only interested in Tales of Arise and PSO2 so I guess 5/10 for me. They didn't really tell us anything about the new console that Sony didn't already tell us about PS5. I hoped they would give us a little more to force Sony's hand a little.

Makes me realise that Sony didn't really make such a bad move by not showing up. Unless hype is actually huge and I'm just not feeling it.

That was a ten from me but my expectations were in check and I was entertained the entire time, like 90 minutes which is insane and I think this is the first E3 conference ever I have sat through without leaving my seat. I'm in on Scarlett and actually questioning if I'll be buying Ps5 or Scarlett first, it's up in the air any way now tbh and it's up to the initial launch and company practices around Autumn next year and price of course. Wish I had stuck with yong Yea as Goeff Keighleys panel was atrocious, the why of Lucy O'Brien actually being any more than a cleaning lady at IGN is ever more baffling after this.


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Oh and Keanu Reaves man, God damn!


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A solid 5. Lots of games and a good variety. But nothing that wowed me or really stuck with me. To much cgi and teaser trailers.


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