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I'm gonna dive into this new battle pass when it drops. I already have enough in game currency for the battle pass but decided to not get S1 cause it sucked.

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jason1637 said:
western.caesar said:
Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order looked meh

Yeah the gameplay did nothing for me. Im not even a big star wars fan but I was really into battlefront 1 and 2 but not this. I'll probably end up playing but not at launch.

Its not revolutionary looking but I dont see the problem. Looks fun to play. Granted ill just wait for ea access

6 teir ranked mode and Wattson confirmed for S2.

Honestly, an all-right game from EA with the Star Wars IP would already be fine after the disaster we got with both Battlefield games,lol

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wish dragon age was there, guess we'll get a story trailer next year. 

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Battlefeild V segment now. They just announced a new map.

Thanks for making this thread Jason! I added a link here to the E3 hub thread!

Dont care much for BFV so im really not paying a lot of attention to this part of the stream but i'm keeping the OP updated with the trailers.

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The FIFA 20 segment is about to start.