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Forums - General Discussion - Do You Follow Any Esports?


Do You Follow Any Esports?

Yes, several 48 5.49%
Yes, but only one 74 8.46%
Sometimes, on-and-off 85 9.71%
No, not any more 51 5.83%
No, never have 617 70.51%

This week's front page poll - Do You Follow Any Esports?

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Yeah, I really enjoy watching the Overwatch League :P

I enjoy watching CS:GO, Fortnite, and pretty much any fighting game tournament.

I do lightly follow the CoD and Smash scene.
I'm also getting more into Fortnite esports with the World Cup coming up soon.

Nope. Never have and never will.

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Nope. I view watching other people play video games as boring.  Only time I will watch gameplay video is if I'm stuck in a video game or if I am interested in a game and want to see gameplay footage.

I watch Smash tournaments (rarely live though) and Overwatch League when I get the chance.

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Yeah I watch esports like I do sports, competition always gets me going. The good thing about the esports that I watch is that they are usually at different times in the year from the sports that I watch.

Nah, it would take a lot for me to watch other people play games

Rocket League. The rules are easy, it's dynamic and fun plus the skill ceiling is insane.