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I've never been much of an FPS guy and this was the last decade where I showed any kind of interest. I think I have to go with Metroid Prime but some others I enjoyed were Timesplitters 2, Halo, Resistance and Half Life 2.

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Well, shame on me for forgetting one of my all time favourites - Battlefield 1942

Not the first or the best (that's probably still WWII Online: Battleground Europe, though it's way past its prime), but probably first one that made multiplayer combined arms warfare a mainstream thing.

Left4Dead, UT2004, Halo, Modernwarfare 2.

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I feel like COD World at War really gets overlooked, probably cos it was so overshadowed by the more famous Modern Warfare.

Honestly though I think it's the better game of the two; its certainly less innovative, but its brutal campaign with its harrowing depiction of war as a struggle for survival where humanity is lost amidst the carnage had more depth and resonance than MW's more clinical single player outing, for me anyway.

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I forgot to add Crysis earlier as it implemented sandbox elements and design.

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Yo the best FPS is the first-person mode in Battlefront II.

I'll die on this hill, too.

Bioshock for sure.

V-r0cK said:

I'm surprised more people haven't mentioned this game. But technically the first beta releases came 1999.

For me personally I must say UT 2003/2004

Gonna think a little bit outside the box and say Time Splitters Future Perfect.

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I'd say TimeSplitters 2 takes this title.