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Platform N. America Europe Japan Global
55,742 52,527 25,045 166,437
43,543 77,066 8,544 159,419
31,171 12,775 102 50,164
10,101 7,740 2,266 21,773
N/A N/A 228 228
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LET'S FACE THIS FACT : The Switch is the last physical video game system of the history who has a chance to beat PS2's sales.

100M incoming!!! :D

Can't wait for this slow period to be over with. The ps4 is so close to 100 million

Very slow time of year......I wonder what E3 will bring and how will things work for Sony with them not being there.....I think they have something else big up their sleeves....but we will see. Number.....blah for this time of year.

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Did the all digital console make the Xbox consoles sell even less or what?lol

Well fuck, this is indeed a low week all around... and I'd love to know what's going on with XBO in US.

So seems like its not just Japan.

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Wonder if some people are waiting on things like the Switch revision possibly being revealed at E3 before jumping in now to buy one... but I dunno is your average Switch buyer that clued into upcoming gaming news with stuff like that to put them off buying a system... they might be just outside playing sports in the sun because it's summer time I guess!

X1 pretty much dead in the water now in the EU, being outsold 5:1 and 7:1 by the Switch and PS4 respectively, then again I'll always say it, the Wii-U was doing numbers way worse than this and now Nintendo have the number 1 system so it's very possible with a good system and good marketing to get back into gamers good graces quite easily, people won't hold a "grudge" if they create a machine that gamers want.

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Amnesia said:

I love your charts, please keep it up!

Also, the advantage of the Switch continues to grow, albeit more slowly than before.