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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Dragon Quest Walk reveal Trailer and video (Like Pokemon Go)

This is a really good trailer btw.

Here's the full reveal:

I like how they designed the maps, making structures fit the medival theme of Dragin Quest.

Can also see some real landmarks like Tokyotower.

Looks like you can go inside buildings as well.

Very little has been revealed so far, but as you can see from the teaser trailer above, it’s a location-based game that puts monsters from the franchise into the real world, like Pokémon Go.

Dragon Quest Walk will be released this year in Japan for iOS and Android. It’s not clear whether it’ll come to other regions.

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Holy fuck! Inject that into my veins right now! I don't expect this in other regions any time soon, if ever but I'm sure gonna try it out the next time I'm in Japan.

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Woah, imagine if Japan was truly a dangerous place to live because of these monsters xD The app looks neat though but I'm not expecting it to come here anytime soon ...

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Looks neat!