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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Tekken 7 music not as good as others in series

I was scrolling to some website and some guy mentions tekken 7 music doesn't get enough love ? I'm like of course it doesn't it's not as great as past musics. and most of the website agrees its not as good  which tekken songs you have on ps4 from jukebox that replaces most of tekken 7 songs with past songs that fit the stage better on ps4.? Jukebox includes music from tekken 1 all the way to tekken tag tournament 2 .

I game on all consoles and PC

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Heres music I have on jukebox . not gonna post all heh ^^

this one Bad ass

Both of these are jungle songs

Heres some embarassing ones that are catchy I dont add to my playlist

And heres a song I wish was on juke so awesome melt

I game on all consoles and PC