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Forums - Gaming Discussion - E3 is less than a week away!What are your expectations?

E3 is less than a week away folks!So I felt like creating a thread were we discuss what we think we will see there, divided by each of the publishers conferences.


Since Bethesda is not one of the big Three, its games could still show up wither at the MS show or Nintendo presentation, so the games Im listing here dosent necessarily need to be shown exactly at the Bethesda conference, but rather anytime during E3

- They are obviously going to show off more about Doom Eternal(Doom 5) and Wolfenstein Youngblood, and give their release dates.

- With Rage 2 having been just released, its probably going to be shown there for a bit.Im expecting some free or paid DLC being promoted, but not much else.

- I feel like its time that Starfield to make its proper appearence.I know Bethesda likes to show the games its making closer to its release date, but with the bomb that was Fallout 76, I think they will want to save some face by showing their next big AAA title.

- And Tango will also will themselves into the stage and show what they are working on.Shinji wasnt the director of Evil Within 2, and I believe he was already woking on something even before Evil Within 2 was finished.

- BOLD CLAIM: A Bethesda representative(Doom Slayer, a random Elder Scrool character, etc) will be revealed as the first western playable character for Smash!!!!


I feel like Ubisoft will be the weakest conference this year.I dont know, they already have so much stuff announced, and none of them are really interesting to me.But alas:

-Update on games that were already announced/released.Division 2, For Honor, and any other that I might have forgotten.

-We will have a proper introduction to Breakpoint in all of its scripted "real time" glory.

-It seems pretty much a  given that Watch Dogs 3 will be shown here and be Ubisoft big game for this E3.Horray....

-My gut feeling teels me that we wont have a Nintendo partnership this year, simply because its hard for Ubi to have something every year when they focus so much on stuff that sells best elsewhere(and that Ubi Milan must not have something ready yet given its only been 2 years since Kingdom Battle release), but I want to believe.So I say that we are getting an awesome take on an existing franchise by Ubisoft.

- Oh, andf there is that game called Roller Champions.Which is online only.Yeah.... not hyped about that one bit.


Now THIS year might be MS biggest in terms of E3.Here is why:

- MS will only have one direct competitor this year, being that Nintendo, and given the kind of market Xbox goes for, not having Sony around is far better than not having Nintendo around.Which brings me to the second point....

- .... That if any third party that wants to show its games, and that it dosent have a conference of its own, needs to go through MS.Unless its a game that can run on the Switch, but we know how many of them there are out there.Which gives MS a great leverage this year.

- Not only that, but we are on a cusp of very big changes for MS.Outside of MS signalijng that it wants to bow out of the console race and rather be a platform owner(Having a platform rather than a console, like Netflix for example), MS will probably want to start marketing its new console.So wathever he was holding out, will be shown here.A good bunch of it, at least.

- I fully expect to see Halo Infinite, Geras of War 5 and a new Forza.All the usual suspects.And I feel like Halo will look exciting again.Dont know, its a gut feeling I have.

- I do believe that we will see either a new IP appear, or and old one reappear.My money is on a old IP, and that IP being Fable.And it will look absolutely bonkers.

- I also feel like they are looking into Perfect Dark, but I dont think they will show at this E3.That will be saved either for later this year or for the next E3.

- Oh, and we might finally see how the new Battletoads look!Fucking excited for this.

- Other than that, its hard to say.Third party stuff is always hard to predict, but I dont think we will see anything Capcom related here.I think that we will see, outside of the MS related IPs I talked about before, a new game by them, outsourced or not.

- Oh and maybe outside Ninja Theory, its still too soon to see what the newly adquired studios are up to.


Nintendo is also one that is hard to predict.I mean, they will show off the games that they already announced.Especially the ones first debuted in the previous direct.But other than that, its hard.

- As I said, we will see more of Astral Chain, Ultimate Alliance 3, Links Awakening and Mario maker 2.

- Cadence of Hyrule is probably going to be a shadow drop.

- Animal Crossing will be one of the conferences focus.But its hard to say if its going to be the focus of Nintendos booth in E3, given how hard it is to demo this franchise.Unless there is some radical change, AC will be there, and while its one of the main focus on the conference itself, it wont be at the show floor.

- More footage of FE Three Houses will be shown and it will be glorious.I feel like this game is going to trampoline the franchise into Nintendos Big League(Mario, Zelda, Splatoon, etc) and easily sell more than 5 million units.

- This E3 will be the last chance, in my opinion, for Retro to show the game they mjust have been working all these years.Before they were assigned to Metroid Prime 4.If it is not shown, then I think its safe to say it has been cancelled.On that note, I really hope that, fi shown, is a new IP and that its a survival horror game.

- I think this will be the E3 in which Nintendo has a REALLY BIG third party presence.I mean, with the sucess stories the Switch had since its debut of third party selling well on the system, I think enough time has passed for other companies to adjust their strategies.I mean, you dont need to look further to see some evidence of that coming forth, with the rumours of the Witcher 3 comming to Switch(How, I dont know)

-I think Bayonetta will have a brief appearance here.I dont think it will interfere with Astral Chain, simply because both games are different enough and Bayo 3 is probably a 2020 title.

- Whoever is a RPG fan is probably going to have a great time here.I believe we will see further footage of Dragon Quest 11, alongside a few new RPGs like Tales Of.I mean, Tales Of is bound to have a new entry, given that Berseria is almost 3 years old.Other than that, I think Atlus will show itself there, with SMT 5 and Catherine.And something tells me that they will show off the new Etrian Odyssey too.The teaser of the new game is what, 1.5 years old by now?

- Oh, and I feel like a new Bravely Default game will be announced.Square done a bunch of teasers in the past, and I dont think they would do those teases just to announced Bravely one and two(ports).So what I expect is:Announce Bravely Default 3 as a 2020 game, but in the meanwhile you can play in the fall Bravely 1 and 2 on the Switch.Something along those lines.

- Though not appearing at the MS conference, Capcom will jump out of nowhere and announce one of two things: That either a new Ace Attorney is comming, or that Megaman X 9{Megaman X reboot is in development!Man, how much I would give for a new X game....

-Other than that, I think we will see a new port from Nintendo, like a new Pikmin.

-Oh, and we will get nothing from Monolith.Its too soon, unfortunely.

-And finally, Nintendo will unveil a big new game/IP.I feel like they wont go out of this E3 without revealing something 2020 related, that they themselves are developing.(That could be Retros game, but since Retro game might never see the light of day, Im splitting this point from Retros)


Honestly, hard to be excited about the conference given last years E3.I mean, FF 7 and Avengers are going to be potentially very exciting, but they are most likely going to be shown at MS conference first.So hard to look foward to this conference in special.

- As I said, FF 7 and Avengers are going to be here.Either as recaps or with brand new footage.

- Given the huge success, we will see KH 3 DLC here.And honestly, I think we will get a release date and it wont be that far off.

- Other games that we might see here are ones that were already announced but are smaller in scope, like that one from Tokyo RPG Factory, or DQ Heroes 3 and Builders 2.

- Almost forgot about Babylons Fall.Its been a year, and it must be further along in development, so I feel like there is a chance of it appearing here.Really want to know whats this game about

- I feel like they will port either the trilogy of the first two Tomb Raider games to the Switch.My gut tells me that.

- I think they will have one last surprise, but I dont know what.But since I want this franchise to make a reappearance, then I will just will it into existence: CHRONO TRIGGER 3!!Yeah, fuck the odds.Fuck also the fact that this announcement might overshadow FF 7 Remake.Square have done things in the past that are more stupid than this.

And thats about it.What about you guys, what do you wish for this E3?

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Basically nothing.
It'll be really boring without Sony.

huh, I didn't even realise it was so soon.

No expectations though. No Sony is boring. I'm already sold on Borderlands 3 so really don't care if there's anything to do with that or not. And the rest... don't even know what else there is but meh.

I guess a release date for the first Halo MCC release on Steam would be nice though.

As a PC user, I'm excited for Microsoft's conference. I hope they show lots of good games for Xbox and Windows.

I'm probably going to watch all of the conferences. Hoping for Ubisoft to show a new Rayman game too.

I want to be positively surprised by Pokémon Sword & Shield, and am intrigued by that Avengers game. I don't want to hear much about Astral Chain but I know the dump is coming and I will, unfortunately, not contain myself from consuming it. I will see all the Animal Crossing stuff and say "that's pretty cool, maybe I'll buy this someday" and proceed to never buy it.

That's about it.

Edit: also Bayonetta 3 will get another cool teaser trailer with an empty "2020" promise.

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Sony not at e3 can only mean one thing: at the end of the Microsoft conference Satya Nadella and Yoshida Kenichiro will come out to the stage and perform fusion in front of everyone.

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Nintendo is selling their IPs to Microsoft and this is true because:

Gonna be the best E3 ever. Don't have to stay up for ages just to watch Sony pretend it's a music festival of some sort. When MS or Ubi pull some cringe shit, they at least got the good decency to do it during reasonable hours lol.

In all seriousness though, I always go into E3 with pretty low expectations, and just hope to be pleasantly surprised. I know that there's gonna be more Cyberpunk, with CDPR saying they're looking at it as their most important E3 showing to date, so I'm excited for that. Hopefully get a release date as well. Also looking forward to seeing more of Gears 5, and it would be nice if Ori got a summer release.

A bunch of switch ports. Hopefully one is 3d world. One where they cut out all the wii U game pad crap. I don't want to blow on my switch, or grab the game pad to do captain toad.

A ton of Microsoft games(Forza/gears/halo/DLC) and BOOM that one game that interest me. It will be third party. I will get it on Playstation. It will still shock me.

Oh and I'll be surprised by Square enix. Mostly because with no Sony conference any exclusives show be narrowed to them.

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Oh yeah, there is something that i just remembered now:

I fully expect MS to port some of its games to the Switch.And the two games that I think they will announce for it is the first Ori and Battle toads.Yeah, I think Battletoads for Switch will launch alongside the XBox version.

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

Nautilus said:
Oh yeah, there is something that i just remembered now:

I fully expect MS to port some of its games to the Switch.And the two games that I think they will announce for it is the first Ori and Battle toads.Yeah, I think Battletoads for Switch will launch alongside the XBox version.

For a second there I read 'Ori and the Battletoads' and my brain didn't know how to process that idea.