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What in your opinion is the best campaign mission in the COD franchise, and what do you think makes it so good?

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I always enjoyed the AC-130 missions in the Modern Warfare series, hope there is a new one in the new Modern Warfare. All Ghillied Up in MW1 was a lot of fun as well.

For moi...

Burn Em Out (World at War) It's hard to chose a highlight from this game's incredible Pacific War campaign, but this one I think best sums up the game's brutal and horrific portrayal of war, where it's more a desperate fight for survival than a glorious crusade.

Vorkuta (Black Ops) The whole prison break is just awesome, with tons of variety, great pacing and some awesome setpieces.

No Russian in MW2..... because I'm a sadistic asshole. *smile*

Also, Hunter Killer in MW3.

Crippling the Russian sub underwater, surfacing and infiltrating it, then escaping through the fleet in a speedboat as missiles rained down and blew ships apart all around was freaking epic.