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Forums - General Discussion - What's On Your YouTube Front Page?

Aside from video game and music-related stuff (the bulk of which is currently related to A Plague Tale: Innocence, today's Death Stranding trailer, and various game soundtracks), mine has a ContraPoints video, a Measured Response one, the Gender Hurts talk with Dr. Sheila Jeffreys and three detransitioned and desisted women, whole categories dedicated to Meghan Murphy videos and and to Benjamin Boyce interviews about "gender dysphoria" respectively, Cult of Dusty's takedown of the anti-SJW pre-release hysteria surrounding the Captain Marvel movie, a video called "Black Conservatives Debate Black Liberals on American Politics (Extended Version)", a televised, sit-down discussion of "Sex: What is it for?" from 1988, and a whole category dedicated to cat videos (it's all Maru and Hana so far), to name some of the highlights.

I guess their recommend algorithm's conclusion about me is that I'm a collector of opposing viewpoints and quirky opinions, basically. They're more or less right, I'd say, though not everything there is actually of interest. And aside from a video related to the new She-Ra though, their cartoon recommendations for me seem way off base.

What's your YouTube front page include, generally speaking?

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There's almost always some video game stuff. Jim Sterling is a fav. This sample seems like a bit of a hodge-podge. I watched a Ronda Rousey video of her and her husband on their farm. A video with a pet fox that burrowed under a building, Tom Green's new music video about Drake. Those were all one-offs from 7-14 days ago. I am a fan of Tom Green, but his Drake video didn't do it for me.

I've really come to like Jordan Peterson, and went on another mini-jag with his videos, again last week. Big fan of MixedMollyWhoppery. Great MMA videos. It's kinda tough to pin down. I have favorites, but then go down random rabbit holes too. This youtube account is pretty new too. My old one was banned after being active for 12 years.

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We already know Amadeus is the best film biopic tho. 

If I could put a name to my YouTube front page it would be: I can't believe is not porn

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Butt stuff.

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A bunch of music videos (Estranged, Imagine Dragons, One Ok Rock & Man With A Mission), some football highlights videos (including Germany 7-1 Brazil ), a One Punch Man video, 2 Pokemon videos and a "10 new Switch games for June video".