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Forums - Politics Discussion - How long until the House of Representatives begins Impeachment Hearings against the President of the United States?


How long until Impeachmeant Hearings Begin, if at all?

1-3 Days 0 0%
4-6 Days 0 0%
1-2 Weeks 3 11.11%
2-4 Weeks 0 0%
1-2 Months 3 11.11%
2-4 Months 0 0%
4-6 Months 2 7.41%
6 Months to 1 Year 2 7.41%
Never 15 55.56%
I hate Politics but I hav... 2 7.41%

Robert Mueller has delivered a final speech regarding his findings as part of his appointment as Special Counsel.  He has stated that even if Congress brings him in to testify that his responses will only be the same as what is contained within his Report.  As of today he has resigned his office and steps back into private life.

So my question to all here, be you American or International, educated on the subject or not, what would you guess is the timeline until Impeachment Hearings will commence if at all?

I am positive this thread will not contain jovial, kind hearted discussions on a factual basis only, and I resign myself to the fact that it may be shut down or that it may incite antagonism.  I personally won't engage in the fracas and am only creating this thread for the sake of the raw numbers of the poll to guage sentiment of those who frequent the Politics Forum here on VGC.

We are at a curious place in American history and I know that it isn't arrogant to state that the entire world is watching the actions within our country with interest, consternation, and bewilderment, regardless of which side you find to be in the right, and which side the wrong.   

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The House Dems won't pull the trigger... It would only help Trump in the end.

I mean, in any other situation this would look bad for any other president but Trump has evaded every dire situation thrown at him at the expense of those who did his dirty work for him. Nancy Pelosi isn't going to go forward with Impeachment and I think that's smart, she knows it's not going to go anywhere.

Even after Muller's speech, Trump will still say "No Obstruction" when that simply isn't the case based off of Muller's final speech. And spineless Republicans and Democrats will run with it and Trump won't get impeached, he'll win the 2020 election and from there we pray he doesn't do anything disastrous during those 4 years. Thank God you can only serve 2 terms.

Mueller as well as hundreds of attorneys have made it clear that Trump won't be touched because he is the president. If Trump wasn't the president, he would face consequences. But as it is, there won't be impeachment hearings. Trump won't have to take responsibility for anything until after he has ceased to be president due to his term coming to an end, whether that is after the 2020 or 2024 elections. If Trump lucks out, he might be dead before he has to assume responsibility for his actions.

Let's face it, Austria is a way better country.

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He will face consequences when he steps down of office and not any time sooner.

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At this point does it matter? Trump will not be getting another term. Just wait it out.

While I think there's a good case to be made that he's done something impeachable, unlike the Bill Clinton situation he hasn't been charged with a crime. With Clinton it was pretty cut and dry: He lied under oath in a deposition to a civil suit, so the perjury charge was easy to levy against him. The Mueller report indicates but doesn't flat-out state categorically that Trump likewise committed a criminal act (obstruction of justice), but the whole situation is still... complicated... from a legal standpoint. While Clinton committed his crime out in the open where it was obvious to all, Trump's potential crimes are far more shady in nature. It seems like it's always the simple, obvious stuff that gets you in trouble, not the machinations done away from prying eyes. If Trump lied in court about getting a BJ, the impeachment trial would have already happened. As with Clinton, Trump is likewise unlikely be convicted of anything even if he is impeached, and the trial is unlikely to even hurt him. It could even help him as the Democrats would be consumed with the proceedings.

The best thing the Dems could do is just wait it out. Election Day is only 17 months away. Trump is a very vulnerable president, and he's clearly on the defensive. His approval ratings are still in the toilet, and as I've probably pointed out in other threads no sitting president has been re-elected while having a net negative approval rating. He's severely underwater in several traditionally blue states he (barely) won in 2016, namely Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. The 2018 midterms also seemed to solidify the notion that the Democrats quickly rebuilt the "Blue Wall." Arizona and Georgia will likely also be in play after years of being solid GOP strongholds. Trump is quite simply a uniquely unpopular and divisive president, unable to appeal to many Americans outside of the Republican base, and seemingly unable to get the running average of his approval ratings out of the low 40s (his disapproval ratings likewise are stable at the low to mid 50s, also a bad metric for him).

The Democrats need to worry first and foremost about winning the 2020 elections (including retaking the Senate and holding the House), and if they play their cards right they should be able to defeat him, probably by a good margin, but they have to put in the effort by campaigning hard in the Midwest and putting Trump on the defensive in Arizona, Georgia, and even some maybe-not-quite-as-solidly-red states like Texas if resources allow for it. Defeating Trump will serve the same purpose of getting him out of the White House, with the added humiliation of him losing the election, which would deliver a crushing bruise to his ego. Seeing that justice is served (assuming Trump is indeed guilty of obstruction, which seems highly probable) can come after he goes back to civilian life, without all the complications of an impeachment proceeding.

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It will never happen in Trump Land. President Donald Trump is infallible, he is untouchable and he will never be impeached.

Never. The Mueller report is a 400 page long nothing burger. Not fan of Trump. But dems better let this circus behind.

Donald J. Trump has always been a larger than life character and he loves being the in public spotlight and has wasted(invested) billions on self promotion and he has used bankruptcy 4 or 5 times to save on taxes and avoid paying debt.
Trump has a Godlike presence and he claims to be above everyone including the Queen. We have all seen how he acts like a jerk towards various leaders, aggressive handshakes and siding up with the dodgy Kim Jong-Un just to annoy the big political and business leaders of this world.
Trump is like Teflon, nothing has ever stuck to him. Trump is infallible and untouchable.