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Forums - Sony Discussion - Blood & Truth PSVR. 80 Opencritic / 81 Metacritic.

Whoa, VR is improving a lot! I still remember the very first PSVR games, that were like 25-30 minutes long tech demos or just mini-games.

New games like Astro Bot and Blood & Truth looks more like full VR experiences! Looks great!

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Yep. Yep. That's looks pretty cool.

I still want LA Noir on PSVR, just for the fact that it looks like super fun just to dick around.

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Looks pretty fucking nice. This has inspired me to play some PSVR right now (not this game, but something).

Looks good. Makes me wonder what Manchester Studio is up to since their game still hasn't been revealed

Still saving up to buy myself an Oculus Quest but it's clear these kind of experiences are what we live for in this medium :O

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Metacritic is up now 24 Reviews 82 Meta

John2290 said:
twintail said:
Looks good. Makes me wonder what Manchester Studio is up to since their game still hasn't been revealed

Never hear of them.

They are a Sony VR studio opened up like 3 or 4 years ago, i think 

John2290 said:
Twitter really loves this game. My feed was nothing but a wall of this game today, probably the biggest VR launch I've seen since beat saber. Really pumped to try it but I don't think I'll make it to midnight for my release ritual, fucking pooped.

God knows we need more killer apps like these if we want to gain a mainstream audience in the future so it's all for the better right now ^^

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Finished the game yesterday, and personally, I was very dissappointed. This was my most anticipated title this generation after playing The London Hiest, and it didn't even live up to that demo.

I am honestly shocked with the positivity surrounding this game. There are so many titles I have played on PSVR that are vastly better than this title.

Everything about this game just felt wrong. The graphics are a step down from The London Hiest, the characters are very poor. I was expecting this to be a showcase for PSVR in Graphics and Gameplay, but it does niether well. Stuff from more than a year ago like Farpoint and Arizona Sunshine look and play better, and they are free movement games, unlike this title.

The gun play is complete garbage. Things are so bad I thought something was wrong with my setup. I restarted my PS4, as some times I have noticed PSVR gets a bit whacky after PS4 has been on for a long time going in and out of rest mode. Then I moved the Camera trying it below my TV, on a speaker directly pointing at head level, and above the TV. None of these positions made the gunplay work in a reliable manner. I tried moving closer and further from the camera at each position, but again nothing. I went back and tried The London Hiest Demo, and played some Gun Club VR to see if I was loosing it, and both games played excellently.

On top of the gun play being poor, the whole reloading that I keep hearing so much praise for also felt broken, and when dual wielding, it is absolutely cumbersome. During a later mission in the game, I kept failing, because no matter how slowly and carefully I looked down to grab ammo with my left hand, and reload the gun in my right, the game would not engage the clip, and instead shot another character that can not be shot. Again, I thought something is wrong with my setup, so I tried restarting, and changing camera posistions again. In the end, I just resorted to holstering the weapon in my left hand, to reload the weapon in my right hand.

Outside of the terrible gameplay, I was horror stricken by the quality of the visuals, the charaters, and the acting. I am playing on PS4 Pro, and this game just looks ugly. The charaters feel dead, the detail in everything about them is vastly inferior to that of even The London Hiest demo. I did not connect at all with the performances of most of the cast, which is something I have found really hard to do in VR, but somehow, even with the magic of VR putting me right there with these charaters I felt nothing from most of the performances.

I am honestly stunned by what I have experienced from Blood and Truth. With years of development time, comming from a major SIEWWS dev, and having a strong push from Sony, I was expecting a showcase for PSVR, and an example for all VR titles. Instead, what I found was something that felt more like a launch title, than something comming almost 3 years into the products life. As I mentioned above, I have played many titles that looked and played better. Personally, I would not recommend Blood and Truth. If you are looking for a good shooting game for PSVR, look at Raw Data, Gun Club, Arizona Sunshine, or Farpoint.

My final score: 4.5/10

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Wow, two very differing opinions right there, lol