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This leaves more room in the E3 direct for other games, and two directs in one month! :D

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I knew it! I was sure, they would want their big reveal outside of E3 proper. Isn't the first time they do this, after all.

Wow the direct is only a few days before E3.

jason1637 said:
Wow the direct is only a few days before E3.

It's a strange move for sure, but Pokemon Company does this with every new main series Pokemon game. You'd think they'd want their Pokemon news on the E3 direct since the E3 direct gets more views than any other direct, but it seems like they'd rather get less views but be the only thing on viewers minds. 

CaptainExplosion said:
This leaves more room in the E3 direct for other games, and two directs in one month! :D

I think Sword and Shield will have a brief showing in the E3 Direct like Let’s Go did last year and then have a good presence at the Treehouse. People should not assume just because a Pokemon direct is close to E3, means no Pokemon in the E3 direct.

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mZuzek said:
Supermario28 said:
That's less than a week before E3's Direct!
I guess there will be more time for other games to show on June 11?
If they talk a lot about Mario Maker 2 and Pokemon on June 11 I just don't get Nintendo's communication strategy.
I'm already having a hard time understading it right now.

This isn't down to Nintendo's strategy though, this is down to the Pokémon Company's strategy, it's their decision to showcase their game a week before E3 and it's a decision they've been taking time and time again in recent years. That's not to say I understand it, because it is nonsense, but I'm used to it at this point. I'm sure Nintendo would rather have that info at E3 as well.

Even if it is nonsense, it’s been working out pretty well for Pokemon. :P

This indicates Animal Crossing may become the main feature for E3.

More time for AC, LM3, and hopefully a bunch of games I'm not expecting for E3!

I will concur with and restate what others here have said:

this could be very good news for Nintendo's E3 Direct, or very likely not such great news for all of us having to hear the same story twice.

I am really hoping for the former. Certainly the info dump that we got on Mario Maker 2 would have really helped to fill about 2-3 minutes, and I'm assuming that Pokemon will be the same. If there are 4-6 minutes of awkward filler and mediocre reveals I would much rather they have swapped those portions. But if it's just an amazing Direct and they've moved those games out of the way to make room for some cool third party titles or first party titles then Nintendo are really hitting on all cylinders this year.

It somehow makes Nintendo's E3 that much more relevant, especially in terms of PR strategy.

Oh...and regarding the Pokemon stuff so I'm not completely off topic in this thread:

I've never played a Pokemon game before and maybe this Direct will do for me what the Mario Maker Direct did for many others, which is to get them hyped when at first they were "meh." I don't really hold out hope for that happening and it would have to be a pretty stellar Direct since the reveal certainly didn't get me that excited. Mostly I'm afraid anyway that once Animal Crossing releases the only thing that could pull me away would be Metroid in some form.

The fact that nothing about the game (and further more Nintendo's E3) leaked so far is kind of great for people who've been waiting to be surprised.

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