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Forums - Movies Discussion - Star Trek: Picard - Teaser Trailer

Oh yes, it's coming soon! I've been hype since SirPatStew announced that the show is coming in the near future and now the first teaser trailer just landed and it made me scream like a little girl.

Star Trek: Picard – Official Teaser Trailer

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By the way if you can't see it I'll try to find another source. I know CBS can be a bitch sometimes.

I'm looking forward to this one. Although I have found that lately, Star Trek has felt like it's lost its soul and uniqueness.

While many may have not liked Insurrection, it at least told a good Star Trek story. Nemesis and onward has been a bit out there with a few exceptions: like (and I know this is controversial) Star 2009 -- which IMO is the only film to feel like Star Trek since Insurrection, and many would disagree that even 2009 was a proper Star Trek.

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