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I choose...

Mario Kart 8 37 61.67%
Crash Team Racing 8 13.33%
Sonic Racing Transformed 3 5.00%
Another Mario Kart 8 13.33%
Another non-Mario Kart racer 4 6.67%

In your opinion, what is the best game of the Kart racing sub-genre ever made, and why?

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Mario Kart 8.

Also, this thread needs a poll!

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Ka-pi96 said:
Mario Kart 8.

Also, this thread needs a poll!

EDIT: Done

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Mario Kart 8 (Deluxe)

Super Mario Kart on the SNES. TBH, I lost interest in the (sub)genre completely after Diddy Kong Racing. As exciting as steamed toast. I was so bored that the picture of Jesus at my parent's place started crying. It was the last kart racing game I played......Until the Burger King kart game on XB/XB360. *cough. But the 2 or so hours spent with that don't count. I really did love the original Super Mario Kart tho, so that's my vote. MK 64 was pretty decent too.

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I'll say Mario Kart 64.
Being the first 3D Mario Kart game, it felt like a perfect evolution of the series.
Spent countless hours playing that game.

I have not played Mario Kart 8, btw.

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Diddy Kong Racing for the obvious reason that Diddy Kong is the main protagonist. Also as a child it was just really fun racing against people in hovercrafts and planes while you're in a car. I really want a sequel with various obscure Nintendo characters added.


Objectively Mario Kart 8. Subjectively Mario Kart 64, but even though it’s genuinly still good that’s one of the only games I’ll admit is my favorite simply due to nostalgia; it just means too much to me.

I will always swear by Crash Team Racing as the best kart racer to the grave.

Mario Kart Wii