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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo E3 Predictions/Wishlist

-A new style or gameplay hook we haven't seen yet for Super Mario Maker 2
-SNES games will launch this summer on Nintendo Switch Online
-We'll get a bit on Pokemon Sword and Shield, but not much since it's about to get its own direct.
-Cadence of Hyrule launches right now.
-Witcher 3
-Super Smash Bros. Fighter Pass Challenger Pack #2 revealed. It will release in the summer.
-Luigi's Mansion 3 will launch in October
-Animal Crossing will be shown and will launch Holiday 2019
-Paper Mario 6 confirmed for 2020. It will return to the style of the first 2 games.
-Chibi-Robo sequel in the vein of the original
-N64 and GameCube games on Nintendo Switch Online
-Switch themes, proper voice chat
-Grand Theft Auto V
-Red Dead Redemption

Lifetime Sales Predictions 

Switch: 125 million (was 73, then 96, then 113 million)

PS5: 105 million Xbox Series S/X: 60 million

PS4: 122 mil (was 100 then 130 million) Xbox One: 50 mil (was 50 then 55 mil)

3DS: 75.5 mil (was 73, then 77 million)

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