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Whether it's cos you've worked with them and found them great/awful to use, or whether you are especially impressed/unimpressed with the results they've produced in games, are there any engines you particularly like or don't like?

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Frostbite has been a detriment to Bioware it seems, would say tha

Nothing to see here, move along

Dreams seems goo

Not a user but from the games I've played that use them.

Like - Decima. Fox engine. Red engine (Tw3 version). Unity.

Dislike - Unreal 4

Hate with a passion - Gamebryo/creation engine. Telltales POS

I still didn't quite figure out how game engines work so I'm not at a point where I can hate the

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For consoles the worst engines are bethesda own engines, dark souls engine and just causee engine. The best one for me is farcry and assassin creed engine and wolfenstein engin

The whole premise of the thread is bad. Engines are nothing more than tools. Every major engine can do things well if the programmers are skilled enough and smart enough to use the engines for genres they are built for.

I mean I could say I hate Unity because there are people out there using it for visual novels instead of Renpy, but that's hardly Unity's fault. There are some great Unity games out there. That's like saying I hate hammers because someone hit me with one once.

I do like Renpy btw. It can be quite simple but also amazingly complex. Even in its default settings it produces proper results. But I'm sure if done right almost every engine could produce something similar, probably not as conveniently though.

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For moi...

Like: Unreal 3 & 4, (Gears 1-3 and Judgement looked incredible last gen, while stuff like Hellblade, Outlast II, Yoshi's Crafted World look great on Switch) Id Tech 6 (Doom 2016 and Wolfenstein II look stunning on dedicated consoles and the PC and brought mobile graphics to a new level on Switch)

Dislike: Unity (I get that it's great for making smaller scale games but I've never seen any game on it that looks especially impressive, while games using it tend to frequently have performance issues on console)

I'm not a dev myself, but my little brother is an amateur game maker and tells me Unity is easy to get the basics quickly up and running, but requires a lot of tinkering to get optimal performance, while UE4 makes it easier to create pretty graphics but its advanced features don't come cheap.

melbye said:
Frostbite has been a detriment to Bioware it seems, would say tha

Dragon Age: Inquisition being the only exception it seems.


For me. I dislike the Unreal Engine... Mostly because during the 7th gen every developer was using it for a title... And because of so many games using it, games started to look samey and have a similar feel with how they controlled and played.

Plus Unreal Engine games tend not to push the PC hard, especially during the 7th gen. We want FoV sliders, we want better visuals.

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Whatever engine Nintendo was using for BOTW !

Anywoo, I do like UE4 especially since it has a lot of versatility in it's utilisation but let's just say the devs behind any game are truly what makes these engines shine through their brightest and worse days.

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