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Forums - Movies Discussion - Who should play next Batman: Robert Pattinson (Twilight) or Nicholas Hoult (Mad Max Fury Road)?


Next Batman should be:

Robert Pattinson 3 18.75%
Nicholas Hoult 0 0%
Nah, bring Christian Bale back 4 25.00%
OG Michael Keaton for an old Batman now! 5 31.25%
Samuel L. Jackson 4 25.00%

Seems like Robert Pattison may be the next man to play Bruce Wayne although nothing is official yet and Nicholas Hoult seems to also being considered for the role.

Who do you think is a better fit if you'd have to choose?


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Batman- Chuck Norris, Mad Max - Woody Harrelson

As a Twilight fan it's a pretty easy choice!

Robert Pattinson of course

Don't really see either of them as Batman, but now that Pattison has been cast i will at least give him a chance to prove my skepticism wrong

I don’t see a Batman in either of them actually, though Nicholas Hoult is a good actor. I’d sooner see Zac Efron being a Batman, if you’re looking for a younger person.

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Scott Adkins would be perfect in my opinion.....

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Neither fit the role.

Matt Bomer

Or Anson Mount

Or Michael Keato as old Bruce in Batman Beyond.

Hmm, if I ever decided to watch a new batman and found out one of these fellas was playing the part, then quite frankly I would not bother.

Robrert Patinson, the guy who doesn't shower? Batman isn't dirty