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Forums - Politics Discussion - Maduro's government vs Opposition leader Guaid . Which do you surpport ?

I was just curious.

My prediction in 2021.

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The US should not interfere, they are only after its oil suppy.

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Isn't Maduro like a literal dictator? If so then the other guy, of course.

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I've learned from the recent past that there is always one sensible person and one racist asshole in these races. I believe Maduro is this country's racist asshole so I don't support the racist asshole.

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Nobody, because there isn't a good guy in this story.

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darkenergy said:
The US should not interfere, they are only after its oil suppy.

Venezuela has shitty oil though.  It is dark crude oil that requires more specialised refineries than light crude.  We can get better oil out of west Texas than there.

Both of them are pawns of 2 crappy parties. Kind of like what we had to choose from in USA. Do you choose asshole or shit turd. You are screwed either way.

Both are batshit crazy power hungry idiots, that literally are willing to spill the blood of Venezoleans on their way to power. I mean Guaido openly asks the army for a bloody coup and openly asks the US for a deadly invasion. Maduro uses his powers to suppress the opposition. So no, no one should be supported in this choice between hellfire and death freeze. Only difference: one is the asshole of the US, the other is not. But both are still assholes.

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darkenergy said:
The US should not interfere, they are only after its oil suppy.

You vastly overrate the quality and importance of oil in Venezuela. 

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