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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Will PS5 ever catch up to the Switch in lifetime sales?


Will PS5 ever catch up to Switch in sales?

Yes, by 2021 4 10.00%
Yes, by 2022 1 2.50%
Yes, by 2023 2 5.00%
Yes by 2024 6 15.00%
Yes by 2025 4 10.00%
Yes by 2026 5 12.50%
Yes by 2027 0 0%
Yes by 2028 5 12.50%
No 13 32.50%

Sooooo, Nintendo Switch has been selling like hotcakes in the past two years. PS5 isn't due out until holidays 2020. With Poke'mon, and Animal Crossing set to release this year, Switch sales are about to explode. By the time PS5 comes out the Switch may very well have 60 million units sold worldwide. And sales for Switch just might keep going, and going up until 2024. So my question is this...

Do you think the PS5 will eventually catch up to the Switch in sales? And if so, how long do you think this will take? 

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Sure, why not. Unless they make some horrible mistake, PS consoles tend to sell extremely well.
I guess it'll mostly depend on how far Switch goes. It'll be interesting to see how third party support for it develops when games are designed with PS5 and XB2 in mind.

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we don't even know much of anything about the PS5 but I would say the probability is high the PS5 will pass the switch. It would take mistakes like they did with the PS3 for them not to. Sony will probably take the safe route and it's hard for them to lose if they do that but switch won't be too far behind.

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The Switch will probably be retired by the time it does, but ultimately I don't see why it wouldn't sell on par or more.

The offset between Sony and Nintendo's console cycles means that the Switch successor will likely have released a couple years after PS5 and then we will be asking if it will catch up to PS5 and so on.

Both should sell 100 million plus. I don't see why the PlayStation 5 wouldn't have a chance to outsell it as long as they follow a similar path of the PS4 and not the PS3.  I don't think it has any chance of outselling the Switch in Japan.

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The correct answer is we don't know.

That said, it's typical the market leader tends to do significantly worse the following generation. Was true of the PS2 to PS3, Wii and 360 to XBox One and Wii U. You can speculate the reason why but I believe it's because the loser have a better idea of what went wrong where the winners tend to rest on their laurels and make stupid decisions. Sony has had quite a few blunders with cross-play, censorship, their Nintendo Direct thing, and the fact these games are announced years in advance. My expectation is they'll do worse but you really can't tell much without seeing the console and the games.

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Cerebralbore101 said:

Sooooo, Nintendo Switch has been selling like hotcakes in the past two years. 

And being outsold by the PS4 at the same time.

As long as PS5 has similar momentum to PS4 I think it will outsell the switch. 

Depends what Nintendos long term ppans are for the switch

Eventually, yes. It's not like the Switch is gonna sell 100m or something.

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