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Spring has sprung with a fever, Summer is fast approaching, there's a drought in the videogames newscycle and that can mean only one thing...E3 is coming!

So depending on your age many of us have gone through five to almost 25 of these media extravaganzas.  Certainly they all must feel like a blur at this point.  But I'm sure that some memories have been more lasting than others.  Let's reminisce about the most epic moments of the E3s of yesterday.  Was it a particular game reveal?  A system unveling? A new service offering or a keynote speech from an important gaming icon?  Maybe you attended the event.  Or maybe you hosted a watch party at your house.  Whatever your memory, share it with us and let's all bask in the nostalgia of every videogamers' most anticipated info dump of the year.


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Gets me every time.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Sony's entire E3 2015 press conference will never be beat in my opinion. The Last Guardian re-reveal to start the show- was on the edge of my seat the entire demo, then Horizon: Zero Dawn's game play debut was simply amazing! The Shenmue III announcement was a big surprise - but the Final Fantasy VII Remake announcement blew everybody away. People were talking about that for months afterwards. The Uncharted 4 game play finale had that bit of hiccup at the end with the controller sync issues - but once they got going the demo was fantastic. I'll never forget that excitement of that conference from start to finish and to me it's the best ever E3 moment.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake


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When Reggie embarrassed this poor poor guy on stage...


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Pulling your next generation console out of your blazer pocket...doesn't get much more epic than that imo.

"My name is Reggie. I'm about kicking ass and taking names, and we are about making games."

With that line, a legend was born. 15 years of awesomeness followed. Thank you, Reggie. Enjoy retirement!

Nintendo's '06 E3 when they unveiled the Revolution—I mean Wii, has to be one of my favorite E3 moment. We got to see Wii Sports, Metroid Prime 3, Twilight Princess, Mario Galaxy, and Excite Truck. My real favorite E3 moment might actually be being in the Nikei Theater when Nintendo unveiled Metroid: Other M in 2009. At this point we hadn't actually played the game, but seeing this title revealed out of nowhere and a return to a third person adventure was pure joy.

E3 2013 when Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze was announced and the Wii U's processing power allowed the developers to depict fur.

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Please Reggie, give us Mother 3!

Actually, almost the whole Nintendo E3 2014 presentation counts, from the Robot Chicken skits, the Reggie vs Iwata fight, Splatoon announcement...