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Forums - PC Discussion - Help: I can't see the FPS counter number properly when I switch resolution to 720p (Shadowplay)

Has anyone here stumbled across this problem too?

I am tweaking PC game settings and I use Shadowplay GeForce Experience FPS counter to check how smooth FPS are running but when I switch to the 720p resolution (happens with every game I try), I can only see a little piece from the number in the upper corner in the right where the number count is shown because the rest is off-screen.

When I put the game settings to any other resolution above 720p I can see the numbers just fine, but when I try 720p the game fits perfectly in my TV but the FPS counter goes off screen and I can't tell what is the FPS count in that resolution.

I've googled for a solution but only find stuff for turning FPS count off and on.

Any PC gamers here who could help me?

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