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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What reasonable changes do you want to see in Pokemon battle animations for Gen 8?

I just recently watched a video on the evolution of Pokemon battle animations in the mainline games.

Here's the link if you are interested, it's pretty amazing how battle animations, subtle or not, evolved over each game, let alone each generation: 

Considering the ever-increasing list of Pokemon (over 800 and counting), the time and development in HD games, the almost yearly iterations, and other aspects in the main line games, what would you like to see as a change in the battle animations?

I agree with the video in that a little more animation from the various Pokemon (outside of Pikachu and, recently, Eevee) would give the various species their own unique personality. And maybe a little tweaks in some of the attack animations that fit with the Pokemon's physical features would be a good change as well.

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The animations should be tweaked to suit each individual Pokemon (hydro pump/water gun coming out of Blastoise's cannons rather than out of the void in front of it etc.) It might take a lot of effort for a small thing, but it goes a long way to improving immersion in the games.

More graphics.

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More variety of animations for individual Pokemon species. :)

I just like having nice visual effects for each of the moves.

I think it would be nice if the Pokemon's base movement animation was a little more lively (instead of the similar gentle bobbing up and down) it doesn't look to be the case for this game, maybe the third version/next gen? It's not a deal breaker but maybe something to look to forward to for improvements in future entries.

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What I want tends to get affected by what I expect, because I feel like Gamefreak have made some of the least ambitious advancements I've seen in a long running franchise. Even the text boxes are still too small for my taste and forces me to press a button to scroll through even a simple sentence.

But if I'm being unrealistic, then I'd like many Pokemon to have some unique animations to them, that look like they're part of the character model in some way.