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Forums - Gaming Discussion - The Official VGC Square Enix E3 Thread!

Welcome to the Official VGC Square Enix E3 Thread!

Square Enix E3 Showcase 2019 :


Monday, June 10

    • North America: 6pm PDT / 7pm MDT / 8pm CDT / 9pm EDT
    • UK/Ire: 2am BST
    • Europe: 3am CEST / 4am EEST
    • Asia/Oceania: 10am JST / 9am AWST / 11am AEST

Where to watch:

Mixer Stream
YouTube Stream
Twitch Stream
Twitter Page

What to expect:

Final Fantasy 7 Remake


Dying Light 2

Marvel's Avengers


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Square Enix E3 2019 Announcements

(Coming Soon)

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Welcome to the Square Enix E3 thread! Enjoy the show and please leave your Mythril Armor at the door.

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I can't wait to see some more details on Final Fantasy VII.

Hopefully we get something on Babylon's Fall because we heard nothing on it since its original announcement. SE recently registered Parasite Eve, I am definitely thinking its gonna get announced here.

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About to start!

Better have Nier Automata 2

Link to the VGChartz Discord server:

Someday you will die somehow 

And something's gonna steal your carbon 

Give me another Final Fantasy Tactics. I don't care about all other parts of that franchise :D

FF7 remake looks fantastic.

btw can someone msg me to let me know if the conference is worth watching? (and its length?) I need to work now so am going to miss the rest of it.

Would have preferred FFVII to be turn based, but still this looks amazing.