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I think the best is...

Crafted World 11 52.38%
Woolly World 10 47.62%

Which of Yoshi's two HD adventures did you think was better, and why?

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Is the closest it got to recapturing the magic of Yoshi's Island, that spirit of more of an epic adventure under a cute artstyle akin to Kirby, Woolly had surprises in some of its levels and bosses, similar to how Island surprised one in its inventiveness.

Its soundtrack was amazing and filled with variety like Island, after the first level with its more weak tune, the rest of the game is just a lot of great, energetic tracks.

I think Crafted was a solid game with level design that could match and surpass that of Woolly but it felt more boring with its lackluster music and less surprising moments, also very weak bosses.

For me it comes down to this, my ideal of Yoshi is a more daring, epic, exciting game like Island and Woolly, rather than how Yoshi was watered down with titles like Story where it tried to just be cutesy and too soft, which is how I feel with Crafted World. Yoshi should be more like Kirby, despite its cute exterior, a game that knows when to surprise you or throw you a curve ball.

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Neither, I prefer Kirby's Epic Yarn way more than Yoshi's ventures.

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Crafted World cuz ... I haven't played Wolly World !

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ARamdomGamer said:


Is the closest it got to recapturing the magic of Yoshi's Island, that spirit of more of an epic adventure under a cute artstyle...

This is why I'd give Woolly World the edge. I remember the first time playing it, being spellbound by the whole thing, the way it looked and played.

I do like Crafted World a lot, and there's some great ideas throughout, but it didn't grab me quite as much as Woolly World. Both superb games though.

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Maybe I'm biased because I was never too fond of the Wii U, but Crafted World, easily. Sure, Woolly had the more innovative yarn novelty, but at the end of the day, was the actual GAME more solid and more fun? Nah, certainly not for me at least. Crafted World managed to feel somewhat innovative while adhering more to the more oldschool Yoshi games, whereas Woolly World's yarn yanking novelty felt shoehorned in and cumbersome a lot of the time. 


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I'd say Wooly edges Crafted by a bit, but both are great games. I give the edge to Wooly because I vastly prefer skins to costumes, and progression through Wooly felt more natural. I played Crafted enough to unlock the secret stages, but didn't care enough to back and get the rest of the flowers because each level requires 3-5 runs to collect everything. No thank you...

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While both are very good games I pick Woolly because of the amazing soundtrack. Also, completing Woolly 100% is much more enjoyable than Crafted because you don't have to visit each stage numerous times. Both games look and play very, very good, however.

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Crafted World for me. I enjoyed both, and Woolly did have a better soundtrack, but Crafted had overall better level design with more interesting ideas and variety.

Woolly World got this. Better level design, better bosses, better music, better optional content. Really, better everything.

Crafted World gave me a really hard time to finish it 100% a second time and that's pretty damning for a platformer. Going through the levels to collect the usual flowers and red coins is on a similar level as Woolly World, but the decisions that were made to compensate for the lower amount of levels are stupid. An implementation of being able to fulfill fetch quests on your first run through any given level would have solved this glaring problem, but no, shooting eggs at stuff doesn't count until you've accepted a quest.

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