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45 minutes left here til unlock and I'm so fucking excited, I spent the day painting a wall and all I could think about was this, litterally kept coming into my mind with a wave of excitment while Joe Rogan chatted in my ear. 

I bought some grass scented candles and failing that I will cut the lawn tomorrow just for that extra immersion, I have moved my VR setup to another room where I will be able to pull a nice breeze right onto me from the the windows. 

This shit is gonna be good and last me week, probably months if not years and just found out the caddies go on dates with you, haha, I don't know why that is a thing but hey, I'm down. VR baby, V fucking R!


Demo: OT... And it is so good. It consists of a driving range and putting practice with a glimpse of the first hole of the Forest course. I spent a solid two hours driving and putting cause the physics and core feel of it is so brilliantly balanced between 'real' qnd 'gamified'. It feels solid and consistent with zero tracking errors or hiccups. 

Good lord I am hyped for this. It looks to be the GoAT of Golf games both realistic and sim. Wii golf has finally been dethroned for me. I can't wait to loose hours to be own personal set of golf courses right inside my VR headset. 

Dammit, I love PSVR so much. Still paying off massively after 18 months. Hype levels are off the charts now, RDR2 level. 

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Wish i had vr to try it.

think-man said:
Wish i had vr to try it.

Ps5 backwards compatibility so one day you will, no rush now so waiting on that good deal down the road is an option and hopefully we will even see PS5 enhancment patches to some of the acclaimed games. I'm predicting a 150 bundle this black friday, down 50 from last year. 


Just pkayed for another hour and managed to figure out you can progress you're practice on Approach by hitting circle and move the ball around but spent most of my time just driving and trying to hit meter markers. This is system seller stuff, if it is this fun to just hit the ball the course qnd campaign are going yo be incredible.


if they add minigolf DLC to the main game and this vr release, I will be more interested

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twintail said:
if they add minigolf DLC to the main game and this vr release, I will be more interested

I was gonna say screw that American BS, a waste of these brilliant physics but thinking on it after another go of the demo putting it would actually serve really well and be a ton of fun. Hope they do that.


45 minutes folks! OP updated. Charge them Move controlllers and jerk your gerkin to avoid any sexual tension with the caddies on the course.


It's fantastic, I lost over 2 hours like it was 15 minutes due to VR time dilation but it is so much fun, Perfect balamce of arcade with realism.


Hm. Forgot about this one. Is it structured similarly to the mainline games? I found the single player in World Invitational to be quite good. Until the difficulty curve got so steep I wanted to punch my head into a wall. MP was fun, but frantic to the point it was almost comical, with up to 8 players often racing through courses at a ridiculous pace. I had my fun with it to be sure, but got to a point where I didn't have much trouble giving up on the SP "story mode" due to it's difficulty.

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i try it this weekend :)

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