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Forums - Gaming Discussion - How about a DevilMayCry 2 Remake?


A DevilMayCry2 Remake?

Awesome! 1 25.00%
Good idea 1 25.00%
Hell no 2 50.00%
Meh 0 0%
What are you talking abou... 0 0%
Another remake? Bleh 0 0%
Oops, I clicked on the wr... 0 0%
I would rather have DMC6! 0 0%

Do you like the idea? I sure as hell do.

I mean, I know the argument about remakes and people wanting new IPs and games, but that DMC2 game is like the biggest blemish of the DevilMayCry franchise.

Since DMC5 is awesome, sold so well and had so much critical praise and Capcom has done such a fine job with the Resident Evil 2 remake, I can't help but wish they would revisit DMC2 and fix this entry in the series.

There is a story there already written that could be fleshed out, characters that could be rewritten and have a remix and they could fix that horrible Dante and sloppy gameplay with the same packaging they gave DMC5.

What do you guys think?

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