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...a quick update on this - if you find that the mobile version of the editor is not to your liking (due to its stripped down nature or the ads bothering you or whatever the case may be), you can now disable it and use the full desktop version of the editor (while browsing on a mobile device) if you choose.

The new setting (Disable mobile editor) is available in the User Preferences.

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Good afternoon Talon

Yay! Typing this on my phone and not being cut off by that silly advert at the bottom of the screen! Thank you :)

mZuzek said:
Good afternoon Talon

I'll have to see if I can deploy an update later this evening, and go for the hat-trick. 

This is the fucking tits

In the catagory stuff i didnt want but allways needed

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Yeah - I'm going to go back at some point, and trim down some of the toolbar options when in mobile. Right now, there is just WAY too much and it almost makes the whole thing unwieldy...