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Most Anticipated New Release of May

A Plague Tale: Innocence 91 8.32%
Blood & Truth 98 8.96%
Bubsy: Paws on Fire! 32 2.93%
Cricket 19 20 1.83%
Observation 5 0.46%
Rage 2 213 19.47%
Team Sonic Racing 167 15.27%
Total War: Three Kingdoms 59 5.39%
World End Syndrome 22 2.01%
Nothing This Month 387 35.37%

This week's front page poll - what's your most anticipated new release of May?

As always, there are lot more than 10 options (the max allowed in polls) for the month, so I have only featured actual new releases (no ports, remasters, re-releases, etc.) and even then still had to skip over some titles. Apologies if something you wanted to vote for isn't on the list.

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Nothing really. Total War looks good, but I still have to play the Warhammer games, so I know I won't be playing the new Total War for a while. Rage 2 looks good, but I've gotten tired of shooters over the years.

Honestly though, I'm glad to have a chance to catch up on my backlog.

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May is a pretty boring month in my eyes.

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Probably the worst month this year...

Blood and truth and Everbodies Golf VR, everything else is filler but those two along with Days gone make it a fantastic month. but I am interested in trying A Plague tale as long as it is pro enhanced asn not 70 euro. I'll go 50 euro on thst title max. I find what I'm seeing a bit janky so perhaps 1440p or so will offset that like it did massively for sekerio.

Edit: Thankfully it is 50 euro and it is pro enhanced trying for 4k checkerboarded. It's like the devs are in my mind, Unless Rage teo turns out to be a must buy from my usual reviewers on FPS games then this will be the mid months game for me as a traditional game to fall back on to weave into what will be an intense VR session for B&T and Everbodies golf. 

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I actually have nothing this month, which is good for my backlog but yeah testament to how this month will end up being the poorest of this year ...

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Bubsy, Paws on fire. What the actual...

Hollow Knight physical on Switch, and that is pretty much it. Did consider Rage 2, but i think i'll wait and see

Nothing to see here, move along

Nothing I guess, unless some VR game shows up I've forgotten about.
Actually I just got my UBoat early access key from Kickstarter. It just release in early access, looking great.
Oh and I want the physical release of CupHead for switch, yet no clue when that's coming.

tfw I'm not hyped for anything for May, but there are like three games I want in June.