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Forums - Politics Discussion - Women invented their own oppression.

In another thread about gender being a social construct which cites a piece by a delusional SJW, said SJW trots out the usual nonsense about women being oppressed which in 2019 in the west is laughable. but were they ever truly oppressed or is it a complete rewrite of history. Here's a great argument against their so called oppression:

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Before this topic most likely gets locked, never get involved with extremism. No it was not made up, female oppression was definetly a thing, much like racism etc. the world is a much better place because we have accepted this and improved.

Fast forward to the 21st century, we have reached a great place, but unfortunately we have extremists in feminism which unfortunately in turn has created the opposite extreme, one of which called incels.

I think what people have to realise is that when we have reached a good place with a group that was once oppressed, don't neglect the opposite otherwise they will feel unsupported and thus create a group which if left unchecked can become extremely toxic for the whole

I think they have to a point. There's no denying that they had less rights than us a lot of the time throughout history.  I'd take not being able to vote over going to war though... I'd take a lot of perceived inequalities over going to war. 

Not to mention men are significantly more likely to die at work, even today. Increased rates of suicide, and violence. Almost twice as likely to die, in fact

Apparently this is still open.

If you demand respect or gratitude for your volunteer work, you're doing volunteering wrong.

is this real life?

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Three issues here...

A. This is a reactionary topic. Those are generally a no-no.

B. The title and video conflict with one another.

C. Finally, it steps into an area of sexism and is quite toxic in nature. 

Whichever thread this discussion started in, take it back to that and avoid doing reactionary threads from now on.