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My goodness, this is unplayable if you don't have three friends in the room with you (I'm getting too old to ask my buddies to play Nintendo with me).  Not because the game is hard, but because you literally have to randomly wait to find a team that isn't complete garbage.  Simple task, hitting the ball into rings.  Some are colored like your Yoshi and you get bonus points for hitting them.  Additionally, the rings rotate between both teammates.

Simple then, right?  All you have to do is take turns.  When I'm yellow and you're blue and only yellow and green rings are on the court, it's my turn.  Go away.  Come back when blue rings come up and I'll take a quick nap.  Also, try to hit the rings and not do your best to dodge them in a pointless rally.

I played for at least an hour with several teams.  Not ONCE did I find a team that used this strategy.  Instead, I got a combo of guys that were ball hogs and went after everything, guys that simply couldn't play, and if I was REALLY lucky, someone who wanted to cover only one side of the court and leave the other to me.  Well, at least he had an inkling of teamwork.  Probably thought was being a ball hog when I jumped in front of him when it was my turn.  But it messed up the angles in any case.

So, we have a challenge that 4 me's probably could have finished on the first try, which was instead an exercise in frustration.  And, of course, there's no voice chat, so simply coming up with a strategy is out of the question.

I know Nintendo wanted this free tryout to be an advertisement for the game, but my goodness.  There was zero fun there.

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I originally read this as "Reggie quit after..."

So, there I was, thinking the one whose body is ready quit Nintendo after playing one of their games for an hour. It was a strange time.

I was going to comment on this, but upon further thought, it's best not to.

I bought Mario tennis, but never played the co-op. Kind of just got tired of it real quick. Story mode got repetitive and the new mechanics just weren't doing it for me. A lot of the game feels a bit barebone. I can see how this mode could get annoying though.


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I appreciate your rant

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Yeah, I was trying to play strategically at first but then you find out that most people are just ball hogs ... ugh !

Anywoo, I just stick to simple class and double on occassion in the Tournament mode. It's fun !

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You would be great for the Rocket League reddit. Seriously, just replace Tennis with Rocket League and you'd have a top notch reddit post that's voted to hell. Justifiably.

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This is why singleplayer is better.

And still has a higher meta score than Days Gone.

I tell you Nintendo dont gotta work half as hard, as other developers to get good scores for games.

S.Peelman said:
This is why singleplayer is better.

^ this, has always been my opinion.

I got some of the different coloured Yoshis on this mode but when i tried to go back to get the others, i couldn't find it in the menu! Is it me or is it a time specific event?



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